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By admin / July 10, 2019

Your Next Desire

What is your next desire? Be clear and know what you want. You must get into the right vibrational alignment. You can do these steps in any order. If you...

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By admin / July 8, 2019

Getting What You Want

What if what you want is already there for you and all you need to do is to get into the right energy alignment to allow it into your life?...

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By admin / July 7, 2019

Sounds Generic: Leap of Faith

“We often are so scared of taking that leap of faith either to connect with people, or to allow ourselves to be ourselves without judging, that we stay where we...

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By admin / July 2, 2019

Home is Where the Heart Is!

You have heard the saying "Home is Where the Heart Is". Recently, a very loyal, long-standing client moved into a new home. As a check-in, we spoke on the phone...

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