About Jillian


A constant student, Jillian has studied self-empowerment for years, filling her tool box with a wealth of knowledge.

Jillian grew up near Dayton, OH. Jillian is now married and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Jillian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a focus on International Relations from the University of Toledo, OH and a Master of Arts in Education, specialization in Higher Education Enrollment Management from Capella University, MN.

There is a saying that goes something like, “I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.” Jillian’s childhood was rather unusual and as a result always had an interest in the alternative path such as psychology, self-help, natural remedies, herbs, horoscopes and metaphysics. In order to succeed, she developed coping techniques to constantly improve and excel.

After college, she was introduced to Reiki while living in California. She continued learning about natural healing. After a cross-country move to Pennsylvania, she started reading about Feng Shui & Vastu. Later, she came back across the country, again, to reside in Arizona.

Once in her new home in Arizona, Jillian realized her own life was not quite right. Something was off. The situation was overwhelming. You know that feeling? She remembered that she always wanted to apply Feng Shui as a possible answer but did not know how. So, she started calling around for help. She actually thought that a Feng Shui consultation was going to explain how to decorate the house as an interior design tool. That thought process is not correct. Feng Shui is so much more!

Calling for a Feng Shui consultation at her home changed her life! She committed to making changes, started implementing the recommended “cures” and began to pay closer attention to her life. Positive changes were happening (even her husband was excited)…so much more than she ever considered possible, too!

Then, Jillian really started to study. She read books (a lot of books) and realized the pieces were not coming together. It is simply not possible to become a professional after a few hours of reading.

Hungry for a clear picture in 2010, she decided to immerse herself in formal training with an established teacher. Thank goodness for the Feng Shui Resource Center at Feng Shui Arizona and master teacher, Lisa Montgomery (who studied with H.H. Professor Lin Yun). Her unwavering support has been particularly valuable!

Feng Shui is a continuous educational experience. For the last six years Jillian has mainly focused on the ancient knowledge of Classical Feng Shui, BaZi/Four Pillars of Destiny, Xuan Kong (Flying Stars), and the I Ching.

Jillian earned her first and second certifications at Feng Shui Arizona under the supervision of Lisa Montgomery in 2011 and 2012. Jillian began training with the reputable Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny in 2014 completing certifications 1 and 2. She completed Four Pillars of Destiny parts 1 & 2 and the I Ching certifications in 2015 directly with Grandmaster Raymond Lo based in Hong Kong.

Jillian is currently privately mentored by Master Denise Liotta Dennis, who studied directly with the prestigious, late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai of Kuala Lumpur. Visit her online at http://dragongatefengshui.com/.

Jillian’s primary practice is Classical Feng Shui, which includes both the Compass School and Form School perspectives, Flying Star Feng Shui and utilizes Four Pillars of Destiny analysis. However, her knowledge base includes: Contemporary Tibetan Black Hat Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui. As part of her educational background, Jillian incorporates I Ching Divination, space clearing and interior/exterior house blessings when applicable.

All of this benefits you because there are many different Feng Shui perspectives out there. Classical Feng Shui is typically viewed the oldest and purest application of this arm of metaphysics. With a background which brings together rigorous, intellectual thinking with an intuitive and sensitive approach, Jillian combines the practical solutions with the authentic Feng Shui perspective to collaborate with her clients in personal and business matters.

Jillian is a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild, a professional organization dedicated to the outreach of Feng Shui. After a rigorous examination process, she received the Red Ribbon Professional status which sets a highest standard baseline of Feng Shui knowledge and practice.

She consults all over the United States of America. Jillian is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Grand Master Lo with Jillian Rothschild-Scholar

Grand Master Raymond Lo with Jillian Rothschild-Scholar