Red Envelope Tradition

red-envelopesJillian honors The Red Envelope Tradition, which is the ritual of exchanging of small red envelopes. This practice has deep roots in traditional Chinese culture. The color red is a color of respect and protection. Feng Shui and its sacred secrets have been strictly guarded and used by the Chinese Emperors, back as far as 4500 B.C. It has been told that the Feng Shui master was gifted a red envelope with payment. The purpose of the red envelope was to ritualize, respect & honor the wisdom given, and to acknowledge the exchange of this sacred information between client and practitioner. Originally, the Feng Shui master was paid before the service was rendered which created an opening of one’s heart and mind. It also gave permission that the client would like to receive the information and be receptive to the healing or awakening.

As a modern Feng Shui Practitioner, Jillian participates in this ancient tradition. In addition to the consultation fee, Jillian asks the client to prepare, 3 Red Envelopes with a coin or dollar in each. The weight and power of money is directly proportional in exchange to the weight and power of this ancient knowledge.

Jillian will provide these 3 red envelopes to you prior to the consultation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to clear the energy, set an intention and start fresh. Have your Red Envelopes ready, bring an open heart and an open mind; together we may begin your consultation and your own Feng Shui journey!