When Should You Feng Shui?

Chinese Character for Qi
Chinese Character for Qi

Every property’s energy is extremely unique and dependent on a variety of important factors. These energies interact in the space and have an impact (both good and bad) on your relationships, wealth, standing in the community, career, and health.

Are you seeking better relationships, more money, victory in a lawsuit, securing a partner, professional promotion, jump starting a new business venture or enjoying vibrant health? Having a comprehensive assessment of your home will help increase the good energy and minimize the negative energy impacting you now. You will be amazed at how slight changes to your environment give you an energetic boost in what you experience.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have greater support for a significant life change sooner rather than later? Therefore now is a perfect time!

Here are some suggested life changes which may need the benefits of Feng Shui:

  • Moving into a house, apartment, office or business/retail space
  • Selecting a property to purchase
  • Selling your existing home or business
  • Moving in with someone
  • Securing and/or staring New job
  • Marriage, Divorce or Break-Up
  • Loss of a love such as someone or something important to you, death of a family member, a friend (four-legged ones count too) or a job
  • Attracting opportunities for new relationships, friends, clients and/or teachers to you

When you need some help making a change:

  • Getting ‘unstuck’ in a career, relationship, or emotional issue
  • Increasing financial abundance or stopping money from flowing out of your life
  • Having a baby or healing from a health issue
  • Restoring vitality, energy, creative flow or direction for yourself or loved ones in your space

Feng Shui is a fresh pair of eyes to look at a situation from a new perspective. In your consultation Jillian learns about your individual needs for a customized experience.Together with you, Jillian guides you on how to harness more of the positive energy in your space and uses trusted Feng Shui formulas to remove obstacles and help you to have more of what you want in your life. Along with the ancient concepts of Feng Shui, Jillian uses her keen intuition, detail-oriented observation skills and understanding of human behavior.

Through the Feng Shui experience you can have greater clarity and focus in your life!