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Annual Afflictions – Three Killings

This is one of the lesser observed of the annual afflictions because it is not seen as potent as the Five Yellow, Grand Duke, and the Year Breaker. A vital factor about the 3 killings is that it occupies a larger angle area compared to the Grand Duke and Year Breaker positions each year. While the latter takes up a 15° area, the 3 Killings takes up a 45° area plus an additional 22.5° on both sides making it a total combined angle of 90°. In my opinion, this is very important to pay attention to because it carries three different types of Sha Qi, which is negative Qi with it.

The 3 Killings consists of:
Robbery Sha (劫煞 pronounced as jie sha)
Robbery Sha is associated with financial loss, literally being robbed of physical possessions, and being a victim of scams.
Disaster Sha (灾煞 pronounced as zai sha)
Disaster Sha is traditionally seen as associated with one to suffering from major health problems. However, a more modern application can bring bankruptcy, divorce, or lawsuits. Anything that feels disastrous, and usually, unexpected.
Setbacks Sha (岁煞 pronounced as sui sha)
Setbacks feel like you keep encountering obstacles or roadblocks in whatever endeavors you pursue. So, it always feels like one step forward and two steps back.

For the Year of the Rat, the 3 Killings position is in the South from 142.5° – 217.5°.

How does it get triggered?
Renovation work, remodeling, groundbreaking, repairs, banging or drilling the walls, slamming doors, and/or loud noises are examples of how the 3 Killings is activated.

How to avoid it?
• Generally, leave this area undisturbed throughout the year.
• The 3 Killings should never be behind you. This position has a poison arrow at your back. It is like asking to be back-stabbed.

How to remedy?
There are many different methods to keep the 3 Killings energy in check. One of the more popular approaches is to use the corresponding element that weakens it.
For example, if the position of the 3 Killings is East, which relates to the Wood element, then it would be weakened by the presence of the Fire element.

Urgent repairs to your home or office in the South during 2020 will need a cure to prevent any negative consequences. This should not be attempted on your own because there are numerous factors that need to be included such as the Gua element and Annual Flying Star energy that are also present in that direction. Ideally, contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant who is an expert with Date Selection to select an auspicious date to start the work and help with installing any cures to mitigate the negative energies.

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