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Being Okay with the Unknown


“The unknown is what it is.  And to be frightened of it is what sends everybody scurrying around chasing dreams, illusions, wars, peace, love, hate, all that… Accept that it’s unknown, and it’s plain sailing.” -John Lennon

Why is it so difficult for us to just accept the unknown?  We tend to feel like we have to “make” things happen. We are pushing for an outcome. Trying to force something. It is so much work, so much extra effort to push. Life does not need to be that laborious. We think about what we want a lot. Spending lots of time focusing on stuff we do not have and we think we will feel better when what we want is actually here and real and tangible. We feel that if we get really specific, we can make exactly what we want magically appear. We think we can just place an order with the genie in the magic lamp and *poof* there it is!


We think that if we focus enough, we can make new clients show up at work. We think we can make the phone will start ringing and that money will just be in the bank account. We think that any disease (dis-ease) will be resolved if we want it bad enough. We think that if we focus on it enough and want it bad enough that the love of your life will be is standing at your doorstep wanting to love you unconditionally…. all those things we want. But we are so afraid of what we don’t know. Don’t know how to get it. Don’t know what else to do to make it happen. Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know and then we get scared. And then we keep are pushing what we want farther away with our fear.


Now, there is truth in that we must take actions and work towards our goals. But at the same time if we could also relax, be more general about what we want, and allow our environment to support us in reaching our desires, we find that we are just simply delighted about how things actually turn out.


Feng Shui comes in the mix to help us be easy about our lives, to walk more gently in the moment, and stay in a state of satisfaction about what is actually real in our lives right now. You are feeling so satisfied that there is no need to push. From that place, you can take actions and work towards your goals without force; just ease. Doesn’t that sound divine?


Feng Shui is the balancing between the seen and unseen & the flow of universal energy (Qi or Chi) between opposite, yet interdependent forces. Good Feng Shui channels that unseen energy to you in your environment. Having that supportive energy helps you get to a place where there is clarity, freedom, and balance between wanting and allowing. You know when you can feel you have pushed too far, right? (Sometimes is shows up physically because we have torn a ligament, sprained a knee, or pulled a muscle. Then we get smacked in the face with the realization we have pushed too much.) You can feel that the balance allows for energy to vibrate in resonance with you freely. Having good Feng Shui is a great way to feel a sense of control of your surroundings and brings comfort to your soul. Then, it is easier to rendezvous with all that your heart desires.


Feeling supported by the good Feng Shui in your environment gives you more freedom to daydream and think about all the wonderful, satisfying possibilities of the future AND the peace of mind that comes from feeling safe, secure, and carried by the invisible energies around us all the time.


With good Feng Shui energies around you, and you walk through life more easily, then you will be amazed at what manifests. And it feels effortless, it feels like magic! That is the gorgeous intersection of good energy flowing to you and you being clear, easy, and free in your life.

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