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In order to be more outgoing, from a Feng Shui perspective, we encourage people to be living in environment that is harmonious and energetically balanced. To help achieve this, there is a very useful technique that anyone can apply, in any environment. The system is commonly known as the Eight Mansions System. It says that each person, based on their birthday, has four favorable directions and four unfavorable directions.

When using this system, the date of birth translates to a Life Gua Number. This number dictates your personal, four favorable directions. These assist with Overall Fulfillment/Success (Sheng Qi), Health (Tien Yi), Relationships (Yan Nien), and Stability (Fu Wei). The polarity of the four favorable directions are the four unfavorable directions which indicate Total Loss (…of all kinds, such as bankruptcy, serious calamities, and so forth), Serious Health Issues, Divorce/Lawsuits, and Nothing Going Smoothly. Naturally, we recommend using one of the four favorable directions whenever possible. When a person is clear about the reason they want to be more outgoing, then they can use one of the four favorable directions that support that endeavor.

Based on my experience and observations, finding a loving relationship is the second most common benefit people seek when using Feng Shui. The first most common request is wealth and career advancement.

A person’s best direction for Health is the Tien Yi direction. Sometimes, when you aren’t feeling healthy or just not at your best, it is very challenging to be outgoing. In that instance, it is most advantageous for a person to support their health first! Try placing your bedroom in that are of the house, based on your personal best direction for Health. For instance, If your Tien Yi area is in the West, pick a bedroom that’s in the West side of the house. If that’s not possible, try placing your bed on the West wall of the bedroom, and it will also help with health improvements.

The direction/area that governs relationship, marriage and romance included is called Yan Nien. Is is particularly helpful in being more outgoing because this direction supports you in your ability to connect, communicate, and relate to others. If you are meeting someone for a date, get there first and situate yourself so the you are facing your Yan Nien direction. You will find yourself more relaxed and the conversation may flow more easily for you.

A person can get help with their career advancements and wealth accumulation by using their Sheng Qi direction because it helps them become more driven and motivated. That means facing their Overall Fulfillment/Success direction when working. This is especially helpful for business meetings and negotiations.

Using Fu Wei is great if things are already pretty stable and you just want to keep it that way. Or if you’ve been experience a lot of conflict or transition and you just want some stability, use that direction. But for becoming more outgoing, Using your Yan Nien or Tien Yi is optimal.

How to choose? If you are more introverted, placing your room in the Yan Nien area with respect to the house can help with social circles. On the other hand, if you are someone with strong emotions, consider using a room in your Stability (Fu Wei) area.

That all being said, Feng Shui is much more than just Life Gua numbers, floor plans, interior design, Qi flow, and directions. It also has to do with timing.

Another useful tool is the Tong Shu, which is the Chinese Solar Calendar. It essentially indicates optimal timing to take action. By taking actions towards your desires at the optimal time, you add another layer of opportunity for success!

These are just a few suggestions on how Feng Shui can positively impact your life. Naturally, the above information is not comprehensive. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to use the Eight Mansions System and its specific benefits. This way, you can determine if Feng Shui can help you with your challenges around being outgoing. As you become more serious about improving your life, you can ask a Feng Shui Consultant for specific solutions and remedies that are tailored to you.

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