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As Feng Shui gains greater visibility and popularity worldwide, you may be doing a bit of research on your own. You may come across some language that makes you feel fearful or uncertain.

Case in point…years ago, I had a call from a nice woman who said that she was reading some information in a book. She was crying and said, “This book basically said that I have this clash-thing and I’m going to get some kind of stomach related cancer! Is this true?” The backstory was that she wasn’t feeling well and tried to read her own Four Pillars of Destiny chart with just a book as a reference.

Naturally, I spent some time talking with this woman, and, together, we looked at her Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi chart. I helped educate her on all the details. There was indeed a clash in her chart.
I explained to her that when you are experiencing a clash in your chart, it is especially important to have good Feng Shui in your home.
She’s since become a very loyal Feng Shui client and we have worked together for years on her goals. I’m happy to report that she is healthy and doing well these days.

What is a clash and how does Feng Shui help?

Let’s define the word clash. According to Merriam-Webster, a clash is “a sharp conflict” or a ‘hostile encounter’. From a Feng Shui perspective, this is accurate because we see this as the encounter of two forces, usually opposing, that trigger a shift or change. Do you think change is bad? Then the results may not be desirable. If you are an optimistic person and you believe that change is needed to grow, improve, and move-up in the world, then you are someone who embraces change. You probably like a clash and get the most benefit from it!

A clash can be found either in your natal BaZi chart or when the luck pillar and/or the annual year pillar comes in as a factor to consider. This is an advanced way of looking at someone’s BaZi chart.

These are the 6 most commonly know clashes in Bazi:
Zi 子 – Wu 午 (Rat and Horse clash, basically Water vs Fire)
Mao 卯 – You 酉 (Rabbit and Rooster clash, Wood vs Metal)
Yin 寅 – Shen 申 (Tiger and Monkey clash, Wood vs Metal)
Si 巳 – Hai 亥 (Snake and Pig clash, Fire vs Water)
Chen 辰 – Xu 戌 (Dragon and Dog clash, Earth vs Earth)
Chou 丑 – Wei 未 (Ox and Goat clash, Earth vs Earth)

What must you take note of if you see a clash present in your BaZi chart or you can anticipate that there is a clash coming?

There are many things we can decode from a clash. Most important is to look at a person’s health. For so many of us, health is wealth.
Here are some basic (not completely comprehensive) conditions that may be triggered by a clash:

Zi 子 – Wu 午 (Rat and Horse clash) – Too much fire can indicate heart, blood, eye issues whereas too much water can indicate issues with urinary or bladder systems

Mao 卯 – You 酉 (Rabbit and Rooster clash) – This can indicate breaking smaller bones like a hand or foot, hip, issues with the liver, gallbladder bile-ducts, and maybe, pancreas, also sexual organ issues

Yin 寅 – Shen 申 (Tiger and Monkey clash) – Too much metal and wood can also an indicate a vehicle-related accident, major broken limbs, back, spinal cord, hip, skin-related or gastrointestinal issues

Si 巳 – Hai 亥 (Snake and Pig clash) – This is considered to be the least harmful of all clashes. It is also known as an annoying clash because it can be triggered by any kind of movement such as driving, riding a bike, or traveling. When big heavy automobiles are involved, it can be destructive. Healthwise keep a check on bodily heat conditions such as piles, acne, pimples

Chen 辰 – Xu 戌 (Dragon and Dog clash) – This can indicate digestion & stomach-related problems, torso, and muscle issues. Take note of any chest pain and address it right away

Chou 丑 – Wei 未 (Ox and Goat clash) – This is often known as a poisonous clash. This can indicate food poisoning, abdomen-related problems, flesh, and skin infections. It can also trigger cancerous cell development which is problematic because you may not have symptoms right away

Important: If you aren’t feeling well, you need to get it addressed by a healthcare professional right away. This would not be the time to brush it under the rug!

First, when we see a clash coming, we do what we can to prepare in advance. Knowledge is Power. Having a Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi chart reading gives you the information you need to make smart choices.

Second, get your Feng Shui in order. This is an important time to make sure you have good Feng Shui in your home. By having energetic support from your physical environment, you can sleep better, have a sense of peace & well-being, you can attract the right kinds of helpful people into your life. Good Feng Shui can help you turn a potentially undesirable experience into something amazing.

Knowing what may come means we have the choice to prevent it from happening to us. Our choice give us control of our destiny!

Birth Year or DayClash

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/clash

13 Responses

    1. Hi Audrey, Thanks for your question. No, it is a myth that if a person has a Dragon in their chart they cannot own/rear a dog as a pet. In fact, sometimes opposites attract! Enjoy your sweet pup.

  1. Hi, I born in goat year. I got ox in my day, month and lucky pillars. Anything I can do and is it impacting my children? Thanks

    1. Hi Vita, It sounds like this clash is also part of another structure called a Bullying Punishment. So, be sure to treat your kids with tender loving care and avoid bullying them. There are certain years this could be more challenging. If you want a more in-depth analysis, PM me and we can discuss a BaZi reading session.

    1. Hello, it is best to email your personal inquiry. Detailed analysis can be done with a BaZi reading. Jillian

  2. My DM is Wu Shen ( Yang Earth Monkey) born in month of Ren Wu, year of Yi Mao, hour of Ji Wei.
    I’m currently going through Ding Hai luck period. Hai is clashing Shen. Well, it has been an eventful luck period for me.
    Next luck period is Wu Zi will clash with the Ren Wu month pillar. And the luck period after that Ji Chou will clash with my hour pillar of Ji Wei.
    Does it mean that I will have a lonely miserable life and die alone? I read that harm combinations are worse than clashes. Looking at my current and upcoming luck pillars I feel worried.

    1. Hi Tammy, Thanks for your question. In my opinion, no. Our charts indicate the Heaven aspect of our lives, which accounts for about 30%. Then, there are the aspects of Earth and Human. The Earth aspect = Feng Shui and our environment while the Human aspect = our free will. If you choose to be alone, then you will be. You can make other choices. Loneliness, which is found in other ways in a chart, can also be managed. I know that what’s out there about harms and clashes can be scary – and that’s largely because of the cultural context of the writer & audience. If you simply see clashes as indicating a change, and you have the tools, resources, and positive attitude to navigate it, then you can emerge stronger. You always have a choice. If you wish to go deeper, feel free to book a session with me. Kindest, Jillian

  3. Hello ! I’m 35years old and i’m woman. I have a Pig (pillar day) clash Snack (pillar Month). Birth: 08 May 1988, Hour 00:55 in Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia.
    Clash RobWealth and Direct Wealth. Whats do you meaning? Please thank you so much.

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