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With the arrival of Spring season, our weather is getting warmer and more people are starting to eagerly welcome Summer season. At this point, with COVID-19, we are asked to physically distance and, we know logically that it won’t last forever. Soon we will transition into Summer season and we will be looking for ways to find relief from the long, hot days.

Community swimming pools may be closed. Regardless, you may be thinking twice about if you want to use them. Perhaps you are starting to think about putting in a little kiddie pool for your children, installing a temporary inflatable pool or a DIY above ground swimming pool.

Did you know that such a volume of water can also be used as a wealth generator?

It is true. Feng Shui has particular rules about the proper placement of water. Especially large quantities of water, such as a pool. A properly placed water feature can be a welcome addition to your home’s Feng Shui!

First, this year there are two areas in which water placement should be avoided. East and South. These two sectors are visited by the annual 5 Yellow ‘Misfortune’ star in the East and the annual 2 ‘Sickness’ star in the South. So, no installing water features there! As a side note, also do not do any renovations, remodeling, or construction in those sectors this year.

What to do?
It is best to select a proper location. My favorite recommendation for water placement this year is the Southeast sector. That being said, I strongly advise consulting with _a professional Feng Shui expert before installing your pool. Many additional factors should be considered to help bring you great results when installing a water feature. I customize all my Feng Shui consultations to the homeowner and the property.

One of the tools that I use in my practice is Date Selection. This is an incredibly valuable resource. Timing is everything! Date Selection is for personal activities, as well as Feng Shui-related ventures, on which the energy present on that day best supports a particular outcome and promote its chances of success.

Be Safe, Be Healthy and Keep the Good Energy Flowing!

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