What makes a space more inviting? Beyond design choices, there are some simple Feng Shui choices that add charm and a feeling that the home is loved. It’s easy!

1. Balance Tones and Colors
Cool monochromatic palates have been popular for a while. Clean, white kitchens and gray paint on the walls and wood-look flooring is the new ‘norm’. Help a room feel more balanced by adding warm tones, colorful accents, and artwork to achieve a more well-rounded look. More importantly, the balance of color and tone will help soothe the occupants and create more harmony.

2. Add Greenery
Plants are a must-have in a home. They can help fill a space at a lower cost than furniture. Plants cleanse the air and, literally, change the energetic vibration in the room, too. A properly placed plant helps create a visual focal point and add some texture to an otherwise blank canvas. Pro tip: Make sure that your plants are pet-friendly!

3. Consider a Variety of Textures
If your room is more neutral, texture adds warmth. Consider choosing from unique options like linen, macrame, wood-grain, and soft-fuzzy wool. It seems small but texture can make a big impact in a small room, especially a bedroom where you want to feel more luxurious and rested.

4. Switch Up Shapes
Recently, I walked into a massage therapists very small treatment room and it felt very ‘off’. There were too many angular objects such as cabinets, desks, pictures, crystals, and chairs. We added some rounded pieces such as a light fixture, mirror, a curved-back chair and some flowers with rounded petals. What a difference!

5. Paint Creates Fresh Energy
It is common to find that a home seller will paint a house or apartment all one color. When it becomes yours, you don’t have to use the same color in every room. Simply select a similar shade that you like! From a Feng Shui perspective, it is a good idea to add a bolder paint choice that adds some of your own personality and character to your home. But stick to a complementary shade! For example, in a bedroom, if you select a deeper shade, it can help make a light-filled space feel restful and cozy.

Remember, these are all inexpensive suggestions. Good Feng Shui should not be complicated or expensive if it is done well. Not sure where to put things? This is when to bring in a consultant for a fresh pair of eyes on the scene.

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