Good Feng Shui helps us feel closer to nature. When you are really connected to nature, you have a tremendously powerful resource.

No matter which seasonal influence is coming to your area, a few small adjustments can help you stay in sync with Mother Nature. Here are a few tips:

1. Spend more time outdoors

Even if you are moving to a colder season, such as Winter, spending more time outdoors will help you acclimate to the changing temperatures better. You will more gradually feel the change and your body will have a chance to build itself up to withstand more drastic temperatures later. Easing into the changes is so much better than a shock to the system, don’t you think?

Where we live in Phoenix, Arizona, we do the opposite with the heat in the Summer. It becomes very important to gradually adjust to the heat so that the body can prepare to be taxed.

2. De-clutter your closets and switch over the contents

A good closet cleaning helps you see your wardrobe for the season. Every season, you find something to donate. Something you have outgrown, something that is out of style, something that just feels over-worn. Yes, you will always have some core basic items that you want to keep. And, you may discover something new or trendy that you would like to add. By clearing out the clutter, you can quickly see what is right just for the moment and what is out-dated. Be sure to check all the pockets, maybe you will stumble upon an extra $20 that you forgot about! Wouldn’t that be a delightful surprise?

3. Set a goal to accomplish for the season

Going into Spring? Maybe you are thinking about a fresh herb garden this year. Going into Fall how about establishing a new exercise routine? or in the Winter season perhaps you would like to perfect a new recipe for your Instant Pot? By setting a goal, you will actually look forward to those days when the temperatures are more extreme because you have something productive to accomplish!

Give these three simple ideas a try! You will find that you transition to the season with more grace and ease. It just feels better to go with the flow, right?

Let me know what works for you!

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