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Feng Shui Myths X

X Feng Shui is only for rich people/upper class/entrepreneurs/executives

X Feng Shui only works if you have your own single-family home

X Feng Shui is only for people with problems

X Feng Shui is only about moving my stuff around an interior design

The Truth is….

Feng Shui was initially only for the privileged; used by the Imperial Courts and Emperors who were privy to the nuances of the discipline and kept secret from the masses in order to maintain order. Over time, some of the elite advisors, what we’d call upper management, got to use it, as long as it pleased and benefited the Emperor.

Now, Feng Shui isn’t just for the societal elites. Feng Shui is used all over the world by people of all classes to improve their lives.

Feng Shui works for houses, apartments, and businesses of all kinds in every part of the world.

Feng Shui favors action. You don’t have to be in the middle of a dramatic crisis to benefit. If you are taking an active role in your life, whether you are currently experiencing a defined problem or not, living in a nurturing, supportive environment an help you in all your actions.

Feng Shui often involves revealing the truth to those misinformed by the Western over-simplification of this ancient knowledge. It takes much more than just randomly changing the position of your furniture to have good Feng Shui. You would be surprised how beneficial it is to correctly position a frequently used item such as sofa or an office desk.

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