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If you’ve heard my story and journey with Feng Shui, you know that I began my interest with Western Feng Shui. I studied BTB and used that for a while. For me, those results didn’t hold and some stuff didn’t make sense to me at all.

Just recently, I saw another practitioner’s post about wealth. She basically said that instead of focusing on the Wealth gua, you should focus on the Helpful People gua of your house. The premise is that you need to network and connect with the right people in order to increase your wealth. This is a Western Feng Shui and BTB perspective.

What if that area of your home is missing? What if it’s a garage or bathroom/WC?

Can you imagine saying to a big Fortune 500 company, “Sorry, but your headquarters is missing the Helpful People area.”? You need to provide a meaningful and effective solution.

In Classical Feng Shui, we use the term ‘Nobleman’ for helpful people. And the truth is that there are numerous ways to connect with Nobleman energy in your home. Feng Shui solutions look at timing, location, orientation, Qi flow, the owner’s personal energy via a Four Pillars of Destiny chart analysis, and more. We use time-tested formulas and methods that get you aligned with good supportive, nurturing energy to help you. Getting connected to your Nobleman can be beneficial for wealth development, networking, finding a mentor or advisor, teacher, employee, support system, etc. This is why using Nobleman is so popular. Knowing how to access that energy is an art and a science.

Good Feng Shui means that when you are living & working in an environment that feels balanced, harmonious, nurturing and supportive, your life is just better. You are more at ease, you feel relaxed, your body isn’t full of stress, you can appreciate the life-affirming joys of living. You can think clearly, take opportunities as they come and grow.

Wealth development doesn’t mean that money comes falling out of the sky. Wealth development means you are in the flow of good energy so that you can take opportunities when they arrive. You are prepared, skilled, and you have the wisdom to know what is best for you. Then the outcome is more fulfilling.

In the past year, we are starting to have a different relationship with our homes. This is why Classical Feng Shui has become even more popular and trendy recently. It gives you options and practical solutions for our modern environments. If you are ambitious and goal-oriented, and you haven’t had a Feng Shui consultation, call for yours today.

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