The kitchen has a very important role in residential Feng Shui. When we do a Feng Shui analysis of a home, some the three most important living areas to look at are (1) the front door, (2) the bedroom, and (3) the kitchen.

Here you will find a few kitchen Feng Shui rules. I suggest that you follow some of these rules when you apply Feng Shui to your kitchen.

• Avoid a house that has a kitchen in the center.
• Avoid having a kitchen in the Northwest sector. To be specific, the kitchen should not be located between 300 and 330 degrees Northwest of the house (according to the Luo Shu compass). This is mainly because the Northwest section is correlated with the health of the father (or the male head-of-household).
• Avoid a stove, oven, or sink on a kitchen island.
• Ensure that all cooking appliances are in good working order.
• Repair any leaks immediately.

Feng Shui in a kitchen is essential when you want to Feng Shui your house. A stove placed in an improper place can cause health problems. Also, negative Feng Shui energies produced by the kitchen can suppress other positive Feng Shui elements based on you and your home’s Kua/Gua number.

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