Making a Moving Water Feature for a Feng Shui Activation

Often in Feng Shui, we use moving water to stimulate at a specific location of a property and at a specific time. This is called an ‘activation’. It can feel like turning on a light-switch in a dark room. By properly activating energy, things become clearer and easier to navigate forward. 

Appropriate water feature placement ensures auspicious Feng Shui, so following a few basic guidelines can help you to make the most of them.

If an activation with moving water is indicated during your Feng Shui consultation, you can make your an inexpensive one with a basic air pump and a container. No need to have a large fancy fountain or aquarium, unless you want one. And, there is no need for live fish either. A Feng Shui activation can be very successful and practical. too!

Without doing any drilling to the container, the pump cord can simply drape over the top edge of the container. This may not be a look that you prefer, but there are ways to obscure the cord from visibility to increase aesthetics. One can use any kind of container; no matter the material. If you select a container that is not see-through, then you can affix the cord to the back of the container, like a large ceramic bowl/pot or a plastic party tub. 

I have used opaque, plastic containers as well as really large, glass vases or aquarium tanks to make inexpensive moving water features. If you are using a clear container, you can pretty them up by placing colored marbles or shells on the bottom. You can even partially cover up the pump if you find them to be unsightly. One thing I like about completely submerging a pump is that the water will just ripple in the container and not sprinkle or splash outside the bowl or vase. Just be sure that the water stays pristine and the surface free from debris!

If you find that the water is splashing out, misting outside the container, or getting everywhere, the pump is too strong. Just use the smallest pump available to achieve a more gentle movement. Basic bubbling will do the trick over time.

If you want a proper water fountain, the style of the fountain doesn’t matter nearly as much as placement and timing. However, I have found that people are rather particular about the style of a fountain or moving water feature used in a home or outdoor space. Some like the zen look of “tranquility” fountains while others prefer modern looking ones, including tall fountains or wall mountable ones. 

Keep in mind that smaller fountains that only hold a cup or two of water just do not have enough surface of the water to make a big difference as a Feng Shui remedy. Therefore, the size of the water feature must be proportional to your home or property.

A home-made water feature like the ones I make for myself can cost under $50 to make. You just need to get the right size container along with something that gently and constantly moves the water. There are inexpensive aquarium pumps available for purchase. You can get a large vase or bowl at any home décor store that suits your home or office. You may even have a nice looking container already, sitting in a cabinet and never used.

Although rare, if you need a moving water feature in an area where there is no electrical outlet nearby or where it would look odd to have a cord draped over a piece of furniture, I have seen  clients get creative and come up with some ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions when he needed. One of the most interesting is when a client got a battery-operated, water agitator that just wiggled around the container on its own. I have seen some that are solar-powered and equally effective! Water wigglers are a great idea to create continuous movement in your water feature. 

Use a moving water feature in the appropriate sectors of your home to receive auspicious Qi as instructed by your Feng Shui expert. Bear in mind that it is recommended to start simply with a moving water feature and place it as instructed. Always keep it well maintained and in good working order to bring the activation Qi by the moving water into your life!

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