One important tool used to enhance good Feng Shui is a strong entry point for the Qi/energy.


A Ming Tang, a.k.a The Bright Hall, is the entry point into a home or business. It is typically an open area, either just inside or outside a home or business. It is a design feature, a physical space.

The purpose of the Ming Tang is to accumulate energy and allow it to settle as it transitions from the outside world to the inner world of a home or business. It allows the person to begin to adjust to the ambiance of the space.

In a home, this may be where you leave your shoes, coat and outside persona behind. You begin to relax and adjust to being a more private person than you were in public. In a business, it could be a reception or seating area. This is where you become ready to interact in a business setting.

Since this is often the initial image people see, a Ming Tang is an invitation into your world. It is how you present yourself or your business. It gives the first impression, announces your identity.

What it is not: A long narrow hallway behind the front door is not a Ming Tang. The energy does not settle but shoots straight through. A tight entrance is also not a Ming Tang. A front door opening straight into the family room is not a Ming Tang because occupants are too exposed to the outside world.

No Ming Tang? Many homes built in the 1990s through to today do not have this design feature.

If you do not have a Ming Tang inside the home, you may be able to create a transition space outside.

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