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Are you envious of the prosperity of others and longing for some more in your life? You are feeling wronged by someone and have a very specific expectation of how it will be fixed? You are focusing on a very specific outcome and it still isn’t happening?

And….it does feel like banging your head against a wall, right? That cannot go on forever. It’s not sustainable.

If you think of energy like an electrical circuit going to a light, the light turns on when the current is flowing freely. If the wires are crossed or there is a barrier to the current, the light won’t turn on. It can be really difficult to focus on the good things in your life when your environment is an obstacle. Something is keeping the current from flowing freely…. If you aren’t sleeping, if you aren’t feeling well, if you worry all the time…are you actively creating what you do want? No.

Feng Shui says that your physical environment is an integral part of keeping the energy flowing freely. The benefit of good Feng Shui is that you can have a home that helps keep the current flowing to you. Therefore, you can create more of what you do want. Simple.

Prosperity looks different for so many of us because we all see it through the eyes of our personal experience. So, how it shows up will absolutely be unique to you because YOU are in the process of creation. You have got to believe in your ability to achieve your goals before you get it. Sometimes, just shifting your physical alignment can help you break through the things that may be holding you back from fully believing in your own abilities, talents, and gifts.

Feng Shui is helps open the current to connect. It brings the real benefits to your life and helps you to act/move toward your goals and more of what you DO want. Allowing you to see the opportunity, growing through it and realizing how good it feels to be in synchronicity with a vibration that supports you.

Let’s work together to get plug in your personal alignment!

I invite you to have a deeper conversation with me about what that looks like and how Feng Shui can help you get there faster.

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