Feng Shui and Relationships

There are many kinds of relationships, and a given kind may fit with use at one stage of our development but not at another. Driven by our personal history, we choose relationships that help us meet our present needs, wants, and desires. Some say that our relationships are there to force us to work through our issues and grow in the directions in which we need to grow. Recognizing this aspect of a relationship can open doors to a broader spectrum of ways of being with ourselves and each other.

“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings us but the attitude we bring to life.” – Wade Boggs

In Chinese metaphysics, there is a concept sometimes identified as “The Three Lucks” or “The Cosmic Trinity”, which is the sum of an individual’s energy potential. Named Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Man Luck, this energy is available at the moment of our birth and stays with us throughout our lives.

Heaven Luck is established before we are able to make conscious choices. It is energy that we are born with.

Earth Luck is specifically associated with Feng Shui. This luck says that Qi/energy exists within our environment and can affect us very differently.

Right now we are going to focus on Man Luck. This is the energy and momentum that we create in our lives by way of our own choices. Essentially is our free will.

What does this have to do with relationships? Quite a lot. My opinion is that the most important aspect of a relationship is how we are in that relationship. The reason is that you are in control of your own personal well-being. That means that you have the responsibility to do your part in any kind of relationship. You are in control of your Man Luck. If you are looking for a romantic relationship, there is a certain vulnerability that is needed to connect intimately. If you are looking for a business partnership, there is a clarity that is needed to reach goals.

In Feng Shui, which is the Earth Luck component, we can employ several different techniques that can enhance the opportunity for a relationship in your life. Your personal Chinese Astrology (aka Four Pillars of Destiny chart) could show that you have a marriage in your chart. But if you are not interested in being married, then it won’t happen. Again, that is the Man Luck component. It is very simple.

Feng Shui can increase your opportunities and potential for entering into a relationship. It can help you with connecting to more people, being more visible to the public, increasing your confidence, and ability to communicate without getting tripped up and tongue-tied. There are some incredible time-tested methods and techniques that are very effective when you are ready.

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