Publer 2021

When you come out of the COVID-19 lockdown and pandemic, can you say that you developed yourself and/or your business? I can! Today I’m sharing one of the things I learned.


Early in 2021, I discovered Publer. When I watched my first webinar at, I felt like I’d encountered some kind of big secret to help me with my social media. I decided to give it a try for their 2-week free trial. To be honest, once I got used to the platform, I was hooked. And I couldn’t stop telling people about this incredible service. I was unhappy with Buffer and Later. Although I have a Hootsuite account, I never liked it so, it didn’t get used.


For me, Publer is a highly-integrated, consolidated source for social media management and scheduling. Initially, the most attractive features for me were:


Ability to schedule posts and manage the most important social media account such as Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all in one place.



Pre-scheduling follow-up comments means that I can make the original post clean & easy to read and I can use the follow-up comments for hashtags


Once I got started, I came to just fall in love with other features such as the calendar, #hashtag suggestions, and the customize post function.

The truth about social media is that it should be used for different purposes. The flavor of what one does on Instagram may be different than Facebook and different still for Google My Business and YouTube. Publer gives me a wide variety of options and resources that save me time and headaches.

When you get started with Publer,  you will see across the top ribbon are some of the incredible resources available.

When I started to explore and go to a couple of webinars, I learned about a few very surprising and helpful features. The first if the Content tab. In this section, you can use the left hand section to search a topic and the system will go out and find related news stories for you. Then you can use Publer’s features to share it on your social media directly. What a time saver! It’s especially helpful when I want to relate my content to current events.


The next feature that I am truly enamored with is the holidays provided in the calendar. Not sure what to post for that day? You can increase your visibility and engagement with posts about a holiday celebrated on a particular day.


I do not consider myself to be very tech savvy. However, I know a good value when I see it. It’s clear that the developers at Publer use social media and include functionality that the professionals want while making it accessible to a novice like me.


Click this link to get started with Publer today!


Let me know how you like it and how this resource helps you manifest your goals. I’d love to hear from you.

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