Real Talk Non Filtre Podcast with David Og

In this podcast, David and I talk about Chinese New Year 2022 Year of the Water Tiger. We discuss Feng Shui, Chinese Metaphysics, Chinese Astrology and more!

Here’s a bit of the conversation:

“One of the things that happens is that in our Gregorian calendar January first comes around we’re like Oh it’s new year I have to have resolutions. But in the Chinese calendar we’re not done with the year that we’re in. Do what ends up happening is people go, “Oh I’m gonna have resolutions. I’m gonna have a great year and I’m gonna kick it off!”

But really what you’re dealing with is you’re dealing with the same energy you were dealing with the previous 11 months. So of course, nothing is going to change until you get to February.

The thing to do is to use that time period to plan the year when it starts in February. February is the Chinese new year.”

Check it out here:


The above episode was the 2nd time I appeared on this podcast. If you missed the first one, you can check out the conversation about Feng Shui and the Imporatance of Decluttering. Listen to it here!


Real Talk Non Filtre Podcast
Podcast Real Talk Non Filtre with David Og

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