So this is Feng Shui!

The picture you see here are more than just two loaves of bread.

To me, this is Feng Shui.

Two days ago, my dear friend told me that she had a cold and canceled her clients that day. Gulp! I immediately made a huge pot of chicken soup and brought it over with a box of tissues and a note. Yesterday, my dear friend had her COVID test. They told her that it is likely she has a long way to go with COVID. She won’t get her results for 5-7 days. To help her out, I agreed to drop off a meal to her again tonight. And I told her I would happily drive across town and bring her prepared food as much as needed. She’s going to be in quarantine for a while.

This morning as I am preparing to make tonight’s dinner, our elderly neighbor knocked on the door unexpectedly. She had two loaves of bread in hand. She told my husband that the local bakery got her order wrong. The bakery delivered two loves of sliced bread instead of the gigantic, round boule she ordered. The bakery told her to give the loaves away; they would get her order right. So, she wanted to know, “Could we use it?” How thoughtful of our neighbor to offer the bread to us. The timing was perfect because I can bring it to my friend in quarantine. I was thrilled because this was something else I could bring to my sick friend. In exchange, I gave our sweet neighbor some coconut macaroons I made earlier in the week. She loves coconut and she was pleased that the bread was going to someone who could use it. Win-Win!

I called a friend and left a message telling the story. Her response to me was, “You aren’t responsible for feeding her [your sick friend] on your own. Why don’t you get a meal train started? I’m sure she has friends that would want to help, too.”

Wait. What? Why didn’t I think of that?

After hearing her reply, I looked at those two loaves of bread on the counter and started to cry. The enormity of the pandemic, the feeling of so much responsibility on my shoulders, the uncertainty of it all, the desire to make things better, and much more, hit me all at once. SOB!

I took a breath, wiped my tears, and looked at the bread again. I exhaled and smiled. 

I smiled recalling the kindness of our sweet neighbor. I remembered the thoughtfulness of my friend who had a great idea. I was astonished by how it all came together so beautifully. I felt the relief of this synchronicity.

So, this is Feng Shui. 

Often people think that Feng Shui is about dollars in the bank account, a new lover knocking on your door, or a miraculous recovery from a disastrous health issue. And while that can all be true, to me, Feng Shui shows up in these kinds of everyday synchronicities that make our lives easier. It makes us feel, know, and trust that we have support. When our lives have support, it is easier to achieve the things we want such as well-being, abundance, love, and happiness.

For me, these two loaves of bread are Feng Shui at work!

If you haven’t had these kinds of experiences, perhaps it is time to take a look at your Feng Shui. I invite you to contact me for a Discovery Session.

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