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“We often are so scared of taking that leap of faith either to connect with people, or to allow ourselves to be ourselves without judging, that we stay where we are and feel trapped there.”
― Jodi Aman


In my years of consulting, I generally run into two types of people. A person who is so confused, stuck, uncertain, and fearful they will do anything it takes to get out of feeling that way anymore. They don’t care about being judged. They just so badly want to feel good that they are willing and ready. So much fear grips their hearts and it is a big deal that they have called for help. The second type of person I run into is someone who knows that to feel good and to bring in opportunities into their life, something has to change. They have felt good in the past. Now, something feels really ‘off’ and they cannot figure out how to get back on track. They know it’s time for help. They are ready to get a different perspective and makes some changes.

In both situations, the person is ready. Only you can know that you are ready to take that leap of faith. I will say this…how long are you willing to wait to do something different?

I encourage you to notice the first moment of resistance. Once you notice that first moment of resistance, know that there is a teeny, tiny bit of ‘leap-of-faith’ necessary. Then, move forward. It happens every moment of every day, all the time. This is how we grow!

One of the great benefits of Feng Shui is that it helps us to have extra support when making that ‘leap-of-faith’. Feng Shui is a system that enables us to create harmony and balance in our environment. When we are experiencing a physical environment that has balance and harmony, it lends support to our lives. When our lives have support through our environment, then it is much easier to have more of what we want in our lives. Very simple.

You get to decide from what kind of space you want to take that ‘leap-of-faith’. Are you taking it from a supportive environment? If so, you are likely to make leaps faster, and sometimes, seemingly bigger and more impactful.

Ready for more of what you want in your life? If you said YES to this, it is time for incorporating Feng Shui in your life.

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