The Bedroom According to Feng Shui

The bedroom, I believe, is one of the key areas where you can access real insights to your friends, perhaps future clients, and of course to yourself. The bedroom, from a Form School perspective, reveals aspects of our relationships.


If someone is single and they are looking to invite the possibility of a new relationship into their life, then the bedroom is a good area of the house to start to look and see what is potentially lacking. There may be obvious signs of a lack of relationship such as single beds, a lack of a headboard, a bed pushed into a corner, no opportunity on either side of the bed for there to be space for anyone else to get into the bed, clutter or cutting Qi in the south-west corner of the bedroom.

All of these areas are worth looking at. In addition, do make sure that the bed has a firm and solid headboard, which is known as the Mountain, and opposite the bed a wonderful image on the wall that feels up-lifting. Next, make sure that the bed has support from the Tiger and the Dragon in the shape and form of bedside tables. This is why you hear a lot about insisting that the nightstands are equal. 

These are just a few beginning points that I hope will start to reveal more and more to you as you start implementing a bit of Feng Shui in your life.

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