On the whole, Feng Shui is extremely adaptable and flexible, if it is done well. Its uniqueness stems from the ability of the practitioner to tailor positive Feng Shui adjustments to any individual person or property. People usually call for help around health, wealth, and relationship issues. Whatever the problem, once Feng Shui is implemented correctly, you will observe massive improvements.

The truth is that you are a cooperative component to the successful implementation of positive Feng Shui. This is your journey. What do you want as a result?

Identifying areas of trouble and shooting them down is an important aspect to good Feng Shui. Before you implement any formulas or changes, you should be aware that there are some cures and enhancements that should be treated with a little more respect and consideration than others.

When you first begin to alter the Feng Shui of your environment, it is okay to take your time. You may feel tempted to rush into spending thousands of dollars or have sleepless nights worrying that everything inside and outside your home needs radical change. That is usually unnecessary!

I generally recommend that suggested changes are tried for up to 90 days so that we can evaluate the results together before anything major or significant is done.

That being said, there are small steps you can take now to prepare. I recommend starting with a growing awareness of your home and the energy it attracts. What do you notice?

Be honest about what you are observing. This will open your mind to receiving the new fresh opportunities that positive Feng Shui will stimulate.

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