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As a business owner, you quickly figure out what your time is worth. When is the right time to take an action step for my business? Should I do this now or should I wait? How can I know if this taking this next step will help my business grow?

The truth is that timing is everything! We know this inherently, which is the reason we second guess our choices on when to do our important activities.


What if you did not have to spend time worrying? What if there was a tool that gave you guidance on the best times to engage in your business activities?

There is! It is called Ze Ri, also known traditionally as Auspicious Date Selection. In fact, Date Selection is not just a component of Chinese Feng Shui and Astrology Masters, but it is also a convention of other cultures.

Naturally, we use Feng Shui to align with supportive energy in our environment. The Chinese ancients relied on using Auspicious Date Selection in order to have clarity and insight into the outcome of an endeavor.

You already know that the Farmer’s Almanac that provides weather forecasts, best days, astronomy info, tips on cultivating crops and yields, remedies and more. That’s just for North America.

Auspicious Date Selection is universally applied. It simply uses the best timing, via specific dates and times, to conduct actions for your business and, hence, experience stronger results. When energy is flowing smoothly, things are more harmonious. Good dates and employing proper timing can help reduce the impact of obstacles.

Personal Date Selection is for any important personal, professional, and/or business activity. This amplifies the success of the endeavor and the results of your actions taken at that specific time.

Environmental/Feng Shui Date Selection matches the property’s best Feng Shui for such actions as moving-in and commencing construction, renovations, and repairs.

You may be wondering what actions your business can be supported by selecting a proper date. Here are some suggestions for your business:


Being discriminating about when you conduct important activities helps leverage the outcome in your favor.  As with good Feng Shui, proper date selection is an excellent tool for the successful entrepreneur.

Contact me if you want to learn more about the right dates for your business or personal action, and of course, environmental Feng Shui. I would be glad to help you make your business sustainable!



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  1. Regardless of the Date, you Desire, you will appreciate Jillian’s keen expertise. After several Knee Replacement date options, surgery kept being pushed back. Yet, once a date was firmed up, Jillian beautifully explained the energy supporting it.

    My level of confidence soared, the procedure went as planned, and recovery has been amazing.

    Jillian goes on & beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her remarkable Feng Shui services.

    1. Thank You Sharyn for your kind words. I am so glad to hear that you are healing and continuing to thrive!

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