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What is a Luo Pan?

For the layman, the Luo Pan is a fascinating tool and triggers lots of curiosity.

The Luo Pan is a Chinese magnetic compass, also known as a Feng Shui compass. It is used by a Classical Feng Shui practitioner to determine the precise direction of a building, mountain, or other items. Luo Pan is used by Feng Shui practitioners to take the exact measurement of directions.

The Feng Shui Luo Pan is a sophisticated tool and is not like your typical compass. The Chinese word for compass translates to a “south-pointing needle.” Unlike the Western compass, Luo Pan’s needle always points to South direction instead of North.

The Luo Pan cleverly embeds Feng Shui formulas in up to 40 concentric rings on the surface.

The use of the Luo Pan and the Flying Star Feng Shui technique allows a practitioner to measure the direct origin of the energetic influences of a building, identify which configuration or category it belongs to, and recommend modifications to gain the most favorable arrangement of timely energies.  These work in conjunction with each other and allow Feng Shui practitioners to guide people in finding good locations for their homes and design living spaces that support a happy, healthy, and successful life.

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