Your Chinese Astrology Lucky Charm: The Annual Nobleman Star 


In Chinese Astrology one of the more useful things to have in your chart is a Nobleman Star. If you look at your own BaZi/Four Pillars of Destiny astrology chart, it may show you two different animals listed as Nobleman. For example, if you look at the Day column of a chart and the top part says Yin Water, the Rabbit or the Snake will be listed as the Nobleman star.


Want to look at your chart? Use the free BaZi calculator to identify your Nobleman star:


When you input your date of birth, time of birth, and gender, you get a chart pre-populated for you and a section full of important details. 


Having a Nobleman Star means you are more likely to turn an adverse situation into a favorable one, receive assistance from someone special or enjoy the support of helpful people around you. 


How do we use this? There are four columns in a Chinese Astrology chart, known as pillars, that are calculated from a person’s Year, Month, Day and Time of birth. In the bottom section, 4 animal signs are listed. They may be different or they may be duplicated. Using your BaZi chart, search this section to see if there are any of the animal signs listed as the Nobleman. 


In Feng Shui, a ‘Star’ is a general term referring to the quality of energy present. This Nobleman Star is a special energy present in a BaZi chart. It helps you attract someone who makes things better. It may bring someone who guides and supports you in your life choices. This could be your: spouse, parent, sibling, doctor, lawyer, boss, employee, a good friend or even a client! I find that I am often someone’s Nobleman as their Feng Shui expert.


Ancient Chinese philosophy says that Yin and Yang are forces that are interdependent on each other. So another side of how a Nobleman may show up in your life is that your Nobleman could be someone who is a jerk to you, but inspired you to do something or motivated you to take action to reach your goal.


The position of the animal sign in your chart relates to the aspect of your life that will be influenced by the Nobleman. If you see the Nobleman animal sign in the Month section of your chart, which represents your career or business, then your mentors, coaches, and/or employer can take care of you, support your growth and, even give you good advice. If you can get your hands on the BaZi chart of someone you work with or want to partner with, look for your Nobleman animal sign in their chart. The location of the animal sign in their chart would indicate how supportive the person would be to your endeavors and goals. For example, if your Nobleman Star is in their Year or Month pillar position, then it may be more favorable. Of course, your chart should also illustrate something the other person needs, as it must be mutually beneficial it must be mutually beneficial. When this happens, there would be greater synergy between you both. So it is important to see both charts to ensure the greatest potential for success.


If your children, sibling, or spouse/partner is born with an animal sign belonging to your Nobleman star, then your relationship with them is inevitably excellent because they can provide you with steadfast assistance when you run into trouble. It is common to see a spouse as a person’s Nobleman.


One of the biggest challenges with getting anything accomplished is not only having the right luck but knowing how to optimize opportunities in a way that leads you to the desired outcome.  This can be a real struggle for many people. 


The Year of the Ox begins on February 3, 2021. The Ox is a Nobleman for those born on a Day or Year of Yang Wood (ex. 1974), Yang Earth (ex. 1968), or Yang Metal (ex. 1960). That means any of the years ending in 4, 8, or 0 are included, too. Lucky you!


You may have someone just waiting to help you get to the next level and now you know how to look for it. You have your own real-life, lucky charm!


Analyzing your BaZi chart is more valuable than answering the question “What does the coming year have in store for me?” You can gain clarity on the road ahead and valuable information on how to proceed. Many people do this annually to learn how the coming energy will support them. Commonly done at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, this BaZi chart analysis may be done at any point. 


Every consultation conducted by Feng Shui In Motion includes a BaZi chart analysis because combining the two is extremely effective in problem solving. Together we can develop a path to harness the supportive energies of your home for the best outcomes. This is a perfect time! 


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