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What is your next desire? Be clear and know what you want. You must get into the right vibrational alignment. You can do these steps in any order. If you don’t know what you want, then you need to get into supportive physical environment first. Then you have an opportunity to get clear on what you want.Then guess what….there will be a new desire….and another and another…It doesn’t stop.

Once upon a time, I worked for a visual and performing arts college. One of the things I learned is process of how an artist creates what they want. Very simply, they are always going after their next opportunity to be engaged in expression. They are great at creating. They are always going after their next desire and they recognize that new desires are always happening.

And the same with actors, too. We just happen to notice that A-list actors are always getting cast in major productions. It seems like they are just in everything all the time. For example, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence to name a few. They certainly expect to get the role they really want! While they are in the middle of one performance, they are reading scripts for the next project to sift and sort through what they desire to play for their next role. We have seen interviews in which actors say, “I was in the middle of making this movie and I got my hands on the next incredible script and I knew I just had to do it.” They they focus their intentions on doing the small steps to be cast easily. The actor may take little incremental actions toward their desires. It’s just like breaking up a task into small segments. Maybe they work to change their physique to match their vision of the character or immersing themselves is studying a topic to have a larger perspective which helps inform the character.

So what about us regular people? What is that special thing that makes some of us more successful than others? In my opinion, people who are better at getting into the right vibrational alignment for success get what they are desiring faster. They are doing it on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual areas of their lives. They stay in good vibrational alignment. And when they have a new desire they use the right alignment to get what they want and do it over and over and over again. It doesn’t stop. They are leveraging their opportunities. Are you?

Chinese Astrology, aka Four Pillars of Destiny, maps out the opportunities in our lives based on our date and time of birth. Feng Shui is a system that shows us how the physical energy in our environment supports us. In order to outline the useful energy, we analyze the physical orientation of the land & property along with timing. Classical Feng Shui can be personalized your space for the right sleeping direction, best entrances, and even ideal orientation for a whole house. In my practice, I work to combine the best of various systems and utilize as much as possible to cater to you individually.

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