About Jillian


Feng Shui Expert

I am a classically trained Feng Shui expert, and my foundational training is in the ancient wisdom of the over 400-year-old Wu Chang Feng Shui Mastery lineage.

I have been providing Feng Shui consultations since 2010. I use time-tested materials and offer practical solutions for modern lifestyles. One of my strengths is simplifying intricate details so that clients can take immediate action to enhance the physical, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of their lives.

Experience, Education, and Certifications

I earned my first and second certifications at Feng Shui Arizona under the supervision of master teacher Lisa Montgomery, who was a student of H. H. Professor Lin Yun. In the following years, I continued my work with other Feng Shui experts based in the UK, Europe, Asia (such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong) and the U.S.A.

To further advance my skills, I was privately mentored by Master Denise Liotta Dennis, who studied directly with the prestigious, late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai of Kuala Lumpur.

I am a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild, a professional organization dedicated to the outreach of Feng Shui. Through this organization, I earned the Red Ribbon Professional status, which sets a standard baseline of Feng Shui knowledge and practice.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a focus on International Relations from the University of Toledo, OH; a Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Higher Education Enrollment Management from Capella University, MN; and a Project Management Certificate from Arizona State University.

Prior to practicing Feng Shui, I spent 20 years in college admissions counseling. There, I excelled in project management, team management, relationship building, event planning and customer service. These transferable skills are key to providing my clients with a professional, comprehensive and personal experience.

My Path to Feng Shui

In addition to conventional areas of study, I have always been interested in alternative paths, such as self-help, natural remedies, herbs, horoscopes, metaphysics and Reiki. After a cross-country move from Ohio to California, I started reading about Feng Shui & Vastu. Later on, when I was in my new home, I realized my own life was not quite right; something was off. As the situation intensified and started to feel overwhelming, I remembered that I had always wanted to apply Feng Shui but didn’t know how to do it.

I decided to get help.

That Feng Shui consultation at my home changed my life! I started implementing the recommended suggestions, committed to making changes, and began to pay closer attention to my life. As I became a more active participant in the process, positive changes – so many more than I ever considered possible – started happening for me and my husband.

My life was transformed.

Now, I offer the same thing to my clients, helping them bring more opportunity, balance and flow into their lives and make empowered decisions.


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