Regardless of the Date, you Desire, you will appreciate Jillian’s keen expertise. After several Knee Replacement date options, surgery kept being pushed back. Yet, once a date was firmed up, Jillian beautifully explained the energy supporting it.

My level of confidence soared, the procedure went as planned, and recovery has been amazing.

Jillian goes on & beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her remarkable Feng Shui services.

— Sharyn, Home Whisperer


I’d like to recognize and thank Jillian for her expert Feng Shui guidance throughout the years.   Consultations with her have helped me both in my personal and professional life.  As a busy mother who works, having her thorough and informative guided Feng Shui coaching has helped me with positive results and peace of mind.

My family and I resided in Phoenix for six years before moving Portland, Oregon last winter. During our stay in Phoenix, Jillian provided amazing workplace Feng Shui direction and personal life consultations for my family and I.   Preparing my family for a large relocation to the Pacific Northwest would not have gone as smoothly without her time and dedication to ensure we were prepared with guidance.   I couldn’t thank her enough for this.

Once we settled into the Pacific Northwest, Jillian was able to bring her expertise to Portland. She spent time consulting our new living quarters and suggested major and minor adjustments to better our Feng Shui. Her work didn’t stop there. I know that Jillian is always a telephone or email consultation away. My family and I look forward to her return to Portland, Oregon to once again complete a new consultation in our second home here.

Cristy C.


Jillian is a brilliant scholar and practitioner of her art. This coupled with her years of experience in academic counseling give her superior abilities to counsel and teach in this powerful, life changing discipline. She truly is a bright rising star.
Mr. Moore


Jillian did a consultation for me at the beginning of 2014. She talked with me and asked what I was trying to accomplish in addition to providing a comprehensive reference packet that included several charts that Jillian is able to interpret and explain. This information was used in determining what was needed in my house, while keeping in mind what was important to me, to adjust to the energy for 2014.  I was amazed at the almost immediate results.  What really impresses me about Jillian is her desire to continue studying Feng Shui and increasing her understanding of this ancient Chinese philosophy. I am moving into a different  house next month and I am very excited to have Jillian guiding me again. I need to add a P.S…Jillian also counseled me on my desk at work and wow, my plants and I love it.

Her knowledge is amazing!!
Princess Di (Diana O)

separatorI’ve heard and read about Feng Shui over the years and have always been curious to experience it.  I was personally referred to Jillian for her expertise and wisdom behind Feng Shui.  I decided to take the opportunity to learn more about it and how it could help my household create better energy for financial abundance and prosperity.  After the initial consultation I was amazed and the level of detail, passion and understanding of Feng Shui that Jillian held.  I followed directions as told, immediately went shopping for the items I needed, and began to see results almost immediately.  With the new additions (and removal of the old) the energy of the house immediately felt more clear, abundant and progressive!  Money started to come unexpectedly from people who had owed and was also beginning to see my Universe shape itself more positively, especially in beginning a new relationship.  I am very grateful for Jillian’s insights and deep understanding of not only Feng Shui but also of my own personal needs.  I would recommend her as the foremost Feng Shui practitioner in the Valley!

Dominic B. YorHealth Promoter


I have known Jillian as a practitioner for at least 3 years.  She is meticulous and dedicated to serve with the highest integrity.  Jillian is constantly expanding her knowledge and application of Feng Shui to serve her clients to their highest benefit.

Alex Ruiz-Vasquez, Accredited Feng Shui Practitioner


Thank you for all your guidance and help with putting us in the right directions for life’s journeys!
Emily G.