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Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation

Are you looking for a new approach to buying and selling real estate in today’s market?

Get a Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation for your next real estate transaction

Maybe you’re encountering a real estate obstacle. You’re feeling stuck selling your property. You’ve followed the conventional wisdom and done everything advised, but the property is still not selling.

Or perhaps you’re worried about your upcoming home purchase. There are so many factors to consider, and you really need a positive lift. You want to choose a home that will fully support you to live a long, prosperous and harmonious life.

If this sounds like you, consider working with me on your real estate transaction.

Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation

My Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation Services are based on the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese system of knowledge that helps create harmony and balance within any environment. If you have a property to sell, using Feng Shui helps you create a well-balanced, compatible space that appeals to potential buyers and can help the property sell more quickly. If you are looking to buy a property, using Feng Shui will help you avoid properties with negative Feng Shui formations and select a property that is best able to support you.

Who Is This Service For?

The Real Estate Consultation service is for you if you are looking for an advantageous new approach to help you in your next real estate transaction.

This service is also for you if you have a home to sell and you:

This service is also for you if you are looking to purchase a home and you:

Customized and S.M.A.R.T. Based

I use a wide variety of Feng Shui concepts and tools to customize your experience, giving you personalized results and solutions that you can easily implement. Each consultation starts with a Discovery Session. In that session, we explore what your needs are in your real estate transaction as well as what might be working and what might not be working. I’ll then make specific recommendations. Because each client and real estate transaction is unique, I utilize a wide variety of tools to make your experience personalized and tailored to your specific needs.

The Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation is founded on my S.M.A.R.T. principles:

This ensures that your overall experience is both customized and comprehensive.

Flexible Delivery

If you have a home to sell, in many cases I visit people in their home (or office) in person. However, that’s not always possible. In those cases, we’ll use other methods—such as video conferencing or FaceTime, for example—so you can show me your space remotely.  I’ve been working remotely for years; this is becoming a new “tradition” (many other Feng Shui practitioners have been moving to online-only consultations recently, as well). This flexibility not only allows me to work with people in many different locations, but it also allows clients the flexibility to meet when it best suits their schedules.

I also offer a hybrid option for local clients (residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area), where we can start remotely and then continue in-person when the timing is right. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing an urgent situation and need an immediate consultation about your space.

If you will be purchasing a home, we will generally first look at properties online. You send me prospective properties and their listings, and I research them from a Feng Shui perspective, providing you with my recommendations.

A big advantage is that I let you know of any potential issues up front, saving you time and energy so you don’t have to view properties that will not support you. In most markets, time is of the essence, so I adapt my service and communication to meet those demands, ensuring that you have all the information you need up front to make fast, reliable decisions.

Detailed Reporting

If you have a home to sell, once we have gathered the necessary information together and have explored your space, I prepare a comprehensive report detailing my recommendations from a Classical Feng Shui perspective. Your report includes an audit of your floor plan, which helps you to align with the most favorable energy available, and date selection, giving you the proper timing for making changes, listing, etc.

What’s Included in This Service?

Selling Your Home

Purchasing a New Home

As Your Practitioner

I am a classically trained Feng Shui expert, and my foundational training is in the ancient wisdom of the over-400-year-old Wu Chang Feng Shui Mastery lineage.

I have been working in a private Feng Shui consultancy since 2010. I use the wisdom of ancient, time-tested methods, systems, and applications, while offering practical solutions for modern lifestyles. One of my strengths is that I simplify the intricate details so clients can take immediate action to enhance the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual aspects of their lives.

I am a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild, a professional organization dedicated to the outreach of Feng Shui. Through this organization, I earned the Red Ribbon Professional status which sets a standard baseline of Feng Shui knowledge and practice.

I am also a Certified Stager with Feng Shui Designs, Inc., which gives me the extra real-estate-selling know-how needed for you to optimize your home for sale to potential buyers.

Are you ready to optimize your
real estate transaction?

If so, contact me to arrange your Four Pillars of Destiny reading.
I will identify your questions, collect your dates and times of birth,
and schedule a call for your chart reading.

If so, contact me to arrange your
Four Pillars of Destiny reading.
I will identify your questions, collect your dates
and times of birth, and schedule a call
for your chart reading.