What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui

The two Chinese characters actually translate to the words “Wind-Water” and are pronounced “fung shway”.

To me, Feng Shui is an integral support system for our lives. It is an ancient Chinese system of knowledge that helps us create harmony and balance within any environment. When we create harmony and balance, it supports our lives. When our lives have support through our environment, then it is much easier for us to achieve the things we most want in our lives such as well-being, abundance, love and happiness.

What would it mean for you to have greater harmony and balance in your environment?


Feng Shui has 3 primary objectives:

  • Corrective – to provide a potential remedy to problems which we know about right now
  • Constructive – to enhance specific areas of our lives such as wealth, health and relationships with the goal of manifesting a specific outcome
  • Preventative – to first review the past and present in order to plan out the future expectations whenever possible

Even basic Feng Shui principles, applied correctly, can help us attain greater alignment with the positive energies already present in the places in which we live and work. There is no perfect Feng Shui space. The intention of Feng Shui as we practice it today is to utilize the good energy in our homes and businesses so we can thrive. With proper adjustments and remedies, it may bring greater health, happiness and prosperity.

Feng Shui says the energetic influences that come from our environment, known as Chi (pronounced chee and also sometimes spelled Qi), life-force, energy or Chi Gong, impacts a person’s well-being. It rides with the Wind “Feng” and it stops at the boundary of Water “Shui.”

When we talk about Feng Shui here in America, it can be a little complicated to comprehend through our lens. The ancient people were simply observing their relationship to the land in which they inhabited, meticulously documenting details and analyzing the information for over 4000 years. Some of the information gleaned was the natural environmental features such as mountains and water (oceans, lakes and rivers) as well as man-made structures (buildings, homes and roads) manipulate Chi within an area. Knowing and understanding our surrounding land-forms enable us to identify the quality of the energy and how it impacts us living in it. Then with this vital information, we can get to work!

  • Harnessing positive Chi and suppressing negative Chi to aid us in having more of what we want in our lives, with emphasis on health, wealth and personal relationships.

For some of us, we need to experience it for ourselves, to fully feel what it is like to go with the flow and to know the results can feel extraordinary. If there have been obstacles keeping the good energy from flowing in a harmonious way then, of course, we want to repair it with the correct application of Feng Shui whenever possible.

  • In most cases, it is possible to connect with positive Chi and improve all areas of wealth, health and relationships.

As you go with the flow, you are likely to feel more supported, stronger and in control. You will find yourself feeling more open to receive the things you want and need in your life. You may even experience some positive, unexpected coincidences.

That being said, won’t you join this amazing Feng Shui journey?

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