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Podcast: Empath and Narcissist with Raven Scott

Podcast: Empath and Narcissist with Raven Scott

Raven Scott Podcast 2023

In this conversation, you can gain insight and discernment into your upcoming journey with advice and guidance on decoding your Chinese horoscope warnings for the Year of the Rabbit. Start uncovering today!

Listen to the full podcast recording here: https://youtu.be/byT9tVu5VrQ

Here are some key moments:

What is Chinese New Year & Astrology? [17:18]

People born in year of rabbit. [27:03]

Celebrities in the news cycle this year. [28:37]

Is 2023 a lucky year? [41:32]

Caution March & Sept. do not do high risk & protect children from deviant offenses. [40:04, 55:31]


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