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Podcast: Exploring the Seasons of Life with Cindy MacMillian

Podcast: Exploring the Seasons of Life

Welcome the Year of the Water Tiger! Check out the latest conversation with Cindy MacMillian

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ~ Rumi

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Here’s a snapshot of some parts of the conversation:

2:14 There are something like 40 calendars all over the world that people use. We have a Gregorian calendar, there’s different calendars for different faiths. And, in Chinese, there’s two different calendars, there’s a lunar calendar and a solar calendar. So, when we talk about the Chinese New Year, it can sometimes be represented on the lunar calendar.

3:19 Because the solar calendar only vacillates between a few hours every year is very specific and accurate. And that’s what we use for forecasting. So, when I’m talking about the Chinese New Year and I’m talking about the things that I’m predicting, I’m using the solar calendar.

3:39 Using the solar calendar; the Year of the Tiger starts February 4, 2022, at 4:52 in the morning.

4:16 There’s a lot of special things about The Year of the Tiger. First of all, the Tiger is represented by an element that is combined with it. So when we talk about The Year of the Tiger we also give it an element that goes with it. It could be a year of the fire Tiger, it could be a wood Tiger, it could be a metal Tiger. This year, it’s a water Tiger. So, when we talk about the elements in Chinese metaphysics, we’re always talking about what represents it. And so, we talk a lot about imagery.

8:40 In my opinion, we can say 2022 is going to be big with spirituality.

14:09 If your chart does not need wood element, or your chart does not need water element, that it’s important to focus on other aspects of your chart and other elements. So that you can take action. I mean, energy favors action. So instead of being at the effect of the energy, you can take action on something else, and then balance that just to your action.

14:55 This year is also super interesting because all the 12 and This year carry energy, right. So we have a year energy and each month carries energy so does every day and every hour. And every month this year is like a little preview for the coming 12 years, because the energy of March, this year is the same energy is 2023. The energy of April this year is the same energy as 2024, the energy of May, the month of May, this month is the energy of 2025, and so on, it goes on for the whole of the 12 months.

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