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Podcast: HEARTS Entwined Podcast with Lyn Smith

On the HEARTS Entwined Podcast with Lyn Smith, I talked about Chinese Astrology and the Opportunities for Love and Romance in the Year of the Tiger 2022.

Lyn says:


  • We are now in the year of the Water Tiger, which began in February 2022. It runs slightly different to the Gregorian calendar. Each animal in Chinese astrology provides different energy
  • In Chinese astrology the four pillars of destiny are used, as well as including the year, month, day and time that people are born.
  • The power of attraction doesn’t just apply to love and romance. It can also aid us in other areas of our life such as business / vocation.


‘When we look at the energies around us, there are a couple of things we can tap into’

‘If you’re born in the year of the rabbit then great! You could have the Peach Blossom star for the year’

‘If you’re looking for romance, this is helpful. If you’re already in a relationship then that’s okay too’


Listen to the full podcast here! https://bit.ly/3rGq0Er

HEARTS Entwined Podcast


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