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Podcast about Geopathic Stress and EMFs with Candice Berlanga at Learn Feng Shui Now

Podcast with Candice Berlanga at Learn Feng Shui Now
Candice asked me to come back to her podcast to have an in-depth discussion about Geopathic Stress, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and how it is a big part of my Feng Shui practice.
Click here to listen to the full podcast:
Podcast recording
Here’s what Candice wrote:
Jillian shares about the very important topic about Geopathic stress and EMF’s.
We discuss:
* Ways Geopathic stress and EMF’s can effect you
* How she identifies problem areas inside (and outside) a home
* Methods she uses to clear these energies
* Why it integrates so well with Feng Shui
Listen to this insightful discussion on all podcast platforms
Find the podcast HERE: https://linktr.ee/learnfengshuinow

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