Praise from Clients

Regardless of the Date, you Desire, you will appreciate Jillian’s keen expertise. After several Knee Replacement date options, surgery kept being pushed back. Yet, once a date was firmed up, Jillian beautifully explained the energy supporting it.My level of confidence soared, the procedure went as planned, and recovery has been amazing.Jillian goes on & beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her remarkable Feng Shui services.

~ Sharyn, Home Whisperer

I’d like to recognize and thank Jillian for her expert Feng Shui guidance throughout the years. Consultations with her have helped me both in my personal and professional life. As a busy mother who works, having her thorough and informative guided Feng Shui coaching has helped me with positive results and peace of mind.

My family and I resided in Phoenix for six years before moving Portland, Oregon last winter. During our stay in Phoenix, Jillian provided amazing workplace Feng Shui direction and personal life consultations for my family and I. Preparing my family for a large relocation to the Pacific Northwest would not have gone as smoothly without her time and dedication to ensure we were prepared with guidance. I couldn’t thank her enough for this.

Once we settled into the Pacific Northwest, Jillian was able to bring her expertise to Portland. She spent time consulting our new living quarters and suggested major and minor adjustments to better our Feng Shui. Her work didn’t stop there. I know that Jillian is always a telephone or email consultation away. My family and I look forward to her return to Portland, Oregon to once again complete a new consultation in our second home here.

Jillian goes on & beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her remarkable Feng Shui services.

~ Namaste, Cristy C.

Jillian is a brilliant scholar and practitioner of her art. This coupled with her years of experience in academic counseling give her superior abilities to counsel and teach in this powerful, life changing discipline. She truly is a bright rising star.

~ Mr. Moore

Jillian did a consultation for me at the beginning of 2014. She talked with me and asked what I was trying to accomplish in addition to providing a comprehensive reference packet that included several charts that Jillian is able to interpret and explain. This information was used in determining what was needed in my house, while keeping in mind what was important to me, to adjust to the energy for 2014. I was amazed at the almost immediate results. What really impresses me about Jillian is her desire to continue studying Feng Shui and increasing her understanding of this ancient Chinese philosophy. I am moving into a different house next month and I am very excited to have Jillian guiding me again. I need to add a P.S…Jillian also counseled me on my desk at work and wow, my plants and I love it.

Her knowledge is amazing!!

~ Princess Di (Diana O)

I’ve heard and read about Feng Shui over the years and have always been curious to experience it. I was personally referred to Jillian for her expertise and wisdom behind Feng Shui. I decided to take the opportunity to learn more about it and how it could help my household create better energy for financial abundance and prosperity. After the initial consultation I was amazed and the level of detail, passion and understanding of Feng Shui that Jillian held. I followed directions as told, immediately went shopping for the items I needed, and began to see results almost immediately. With the new additions (and removal of the old) the energy of the house immediately felt more clear, abundant and progressive! Money started to come unexpectedly from people who had owed and was also beginning to see my Universe shape itself more positively, especially in beginning a new relationship. I am very grateful for Jillian’s insights and deep understanding of not only Feng Shui but also of my own personal needs. I would recommend her as the foremost Feng Shui practitioner in the Valley!

~ Dominic B. Yor, Health Promoter

I have known Jillian as a practitioner for at least 3 years. She is meticulous and dedicated to serve with the highest integrity. Jillian is constantly expanding her knowledge and application of Feng Shui to serve her clients to their highest benefit.

~ Alex Ruiz-Vasquez, Accredited Feng Shui Practitioner

Thank you for all your guidance and help with putting us in the right directions for life’s journeys!

~Emily G.

Jillian at Feng Shui in Motion came to my vacation rental to audit the property. I have had other practitioners audit the property in the past. I found Jillian to be exceptionally professional and very thorough. She gave me an audit report with various recommendations. The vacation rental business is a very customer service orientated business and houses can be tricky because of the various problems which can arise.

I did the cures she wrote in the audit report and I am so happy because I have noticed a significant improvement in the well being of my renters.

Jillian at Feng Shui in Motion is very accurate and I really felt like she cared about me and my business

~ Nikolas G., Laguna Beach, CA

Jillian is one of my dear life coaches! Her skills in Chinese metaphysics and classical feng shui are far superior than anyone else I have come across. She has helped me cope through many hard times over the years. She gives the knowledge needed to help glide easier through challenging times.

~ Ms. P., SoMa, San Francisco, CA

Jillian is a thorough and consummate professional and we received IMMEDIATE results...I highly recommend her services!

~ David Berger

Jillian is a Master. Her strong intuition combined with her immense knowledge/Wisdom is spot on. With her guidance we were able to transform the energy of our home and our lives, and get things moving in a more positive direction. I was surprised by how much I learned in just one session with Jillian. Brilliant!

~ Lisa Valle

Jillian is the real deal. (Unfortunately for me), I am naturally a skeptic when it comes to the spiritual side of my life, and wanted to expand my horizons and life potential by making the choice to incorporate Feng Shui into my home. With a focus on the financial/wealth side, my business' financial results have improved almost immediately! I continue to follow along the guidance of Jillian and her work with the faith and belief that I am tapping into resources of a world that I did not access before. Jillian knows her stuff and I am looking forward to a new level of abundance in my life!

~ Rick Salmeron

Jillian is a talented and trusted expert in Chinese metaphysics (and more).I consider her a valuable life coach. I highly recommend her skills and services to anyone!

~ Michelle Drake-Neuhausel

About a year and a half I was consulted in Feng Shui before launching a new venture. The start date and time, even the position of my desk. Signed a new client from Thailand this week, another from Sri Lanka last week. In fact my clients are now worldwide. Talk to Jillian as soon as you can. Highly recommend.

~ C.W. Darling

Jillian helped me restructure my home office so it is more conductive to success. My new desk position makes me less prone to distractions from the rest of the house and makes me feel in more control and more confident when working.

~ Jami Leclerc

Jillian is a very professional and knowledgeable Feng Shui Consultant. I have known her over 6 years and used her services multiple times. She has always been helpful, kind and most of all she always has solutions that benefit my needs. She is able to combine BaZi and Fengshui and personalize it to each situation. She is honest, practical, and always willing to help. She is able to give you suggestions without going over your budget and Jillian is also honest. I love that she will tell you if there is a situation that won’t work - and is always looking out for her clients to help them. I couldn’t recommend her more and would always trust her with any questions and situations.

~ Dora Lai

Jillian is so amazing. Just with some simple advice on arranging a few items and I starting feeling pain free and new energy in my home. I never knew what Feng shui even was before Jillian and now she's changed my outlook on energies. Thanks so much Jillian.. you're awesome. Thank you Jillian.

~ The Coach Mike Brown

I have been in the spiritual field almost 40 years and am very picky about any modality I use these days. I found Jillian from Feng Shui In Motion to deliver a high quality assessment of my current new home. I have a strong preference to classical Feng Shui. I also loved that she exceeded any boundary of knowledge and went far beyond the traditional Feng Shui approach to help me align my home to its highest frequency! I count on all professionals to assist in this way, to move beyond themselves and bring forward my upliftment and empowerment as well as their own. I recommend Feng Shui in Motion to all who wish a high quality of living in their homes and businesses.

~ Maria Picaza

Jillian has been my Feng Shui Consultant for about a year now and I highly recommend her! She helped me remedy the energy of an energetically chaotic apartment, and then helped my boyfriend and I choose a much more energetically beneficial house to rent. She showed us how to remedy any unlucky or mixed-luck energy and increase good luck/positive energy in the space (to put it very simply). We have seen a huge difference! She goes very above and beyond in her work, using our personal Chinese Astrology, giving very detailed reports, instructions, answering questions, and checking in/following up.

~ Martha Bareis

The first time I met Jillian, then heard her present at a networking meeting, I knew what she had to offer was special! I had dabbled in Western Feng Shui, but I realized that Jillian's classical Feng Shui knowledge added many extra layers of applicable information and energy wisdom that I previously learned. I applied two very simple tasks: I moved the direction my bed and desk. I'm a firm believer in energetic patterns and know that when I move (my thoughts, my furniture, my attitude), my life moves. Within days, I stepped into a dream opportunity that quickly resulted into a new job, doing what I absolutely love! Thank you, Jillian! I look forward to working together, again!

~ Darcy Davis-Beghein

Feng Shui In Motion is such a great Feng Shui consultant service provider! I would strongly recommend this provider to my friends. A while ago I was happy to get to know Feng Shui In Motion and use its valuable service. A+ and 5 stars!

~ Elena Smith

JIllian is very knowledgeable and helpful. She asks questions so she can focus on areas that are important to you. The advice she has given made some great changes in my life and my home. I continue to use her services. I HIGHLY recommend her services!

~ Shirley Kruger

I am amazed at the results I have experienced having Jillian consult with me and apply her remedies. Getting all of my energies to align has changed my life in some pretty significant ways and I continue to hire her to consult me on important aspects of my life.

~ Rodney Brown

If you are looking for a Feng Shui consultant in the Phoenix area I can highly recommend Jillian Rothschild-Scholar. I am a Feng Shui practitioner with over 24 years experience of international consulting. Last year I met Jillian through the International Feng Shui Guild and immediately recognized her skill as a practitioner. Above all I am impressed with her integrity. She is my go-to person for astrological date selection. When I get swamped with work, Jillian is the first person I refer my clients to.

~ Will LeStrange

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