Feng Shui Audit and Consultation

The Feng Shui Audit and Consultation is individualized to the client and the space. Jillian employs a variety of Classical Feng Shui modalities providing you with a reliable audit of the property based on this fascinatingly accurate ancient science.

The consultation shares information and offers practical solutions. Some of the time will be spent explaining why an action or change is important as it relates to Feng Shui and your individual Four Pillars of Destiny. To gain the most benefit from your consultation, it is recommended that you follow the guidance as early as possible. Jillian’s door is open and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the details of your specific needs with you.

A consultation includes but is not limited to the following:

Regardless of your goals within your home or business, the powerful techniques of Feng Shui are perfect for harnessing prosperity and success!

Real Estate Consultation Services

What is the fee for a Feng Shui Audit and Consultation?

Please call for a free 30 minute conversation to assess your needs.

Harmony breeds Wealth = 和氣生財

和hé/ harmonious

氣qì/ vital energy

生shēng/ give birth

財cái/ wealth