8 Feng Shui Secrets

8 Feng Shui Secrets I learned as a Consultant

If I had a dollar for every person who asked me if they have good Feng Shui, I would be independently wealthy. The thing about Feng Shui is that it is a different experience for everyone and the type of Feng Shui that works for you may be different than your neighbor.

For my own experience, I have discovered Classical Feng Shui to be multi-faceted (like a diamond), multi-layered and anchored in ancient wisdom about our natural environment. I have made and lost friends, read dozens of books, and evolved my practice in ways I could not have initially imagined. I still continue to study and learn (because if I am not learning something new I must be dead). Throughout my training, I learned a few ‘secrets’ that may not be so easily found in a book. Here are eight of them:

There is No Perfect Feng Shui Home

The goal of Feng Shui, as practiced today, is to take advantage of the energy in a person’s home and/or business so they can achieve their goals and thrive. Perfection is simply not attainable; although we may strive for it. The aim with Feng Shui is to increase the positive energy and decrease the inauspicious energy. Just like the Yin/Yang symbol, there is a little bit of dark in the light and a little light in the dark. Somewhere in there is balance. It is comforting to know there may be more than one way to tap into benevolent Chi to attain the balance. Balance does not mean perfection. Feng Shui is not a Band-Aid or catch-all to fix life’s problems.

Feng Shui Takes Time

It took you years or months to figure out that your life is not working, your health could be better, you keep running into obstacles to getting a promotion, your relationships are falling apart, something is just ‘off’. You can feel it but you cannot put your finger on it. Making changes with Feng Shui does take time (usually 30-60 days depending on the size of the property). So, be a little patient. It will take some time to make adjustments to the space…even then; it may take a bit for the energy to settle as you do other things in tandem. Other factors include the yearly and monthly stars, positions and interactions with the home’s host/natal stars. (More on this in your individual Feng Shui Audit and Consultation)

One Size Does Not Fit All

I promise that no two consultations have ever been the same. The kind of enhancements your home or business may need could be very different from your neighbor or business competitor. Some of the information out there may be over-generalized.  This is because of the personal energy you bring to your space. Your energy is your Chi fingerprint. It is individual to you! You are an integral part of your success and the quality of your Feng Shui, too. Feng Shui is available to us all; not just the elite or wealthy in our communities.

Keep On It

Feng Shui is not a singular event. After a baby is born, do you ignore it? No! Everything and everyone needs nurturing and attention. Same goes for your home. This is also true of Feng Shui; just not necessarily every day or even every month. But, as we move through time, your home/space needs some TLC. It is said that history repeats itself and Feng Shui energies move through specific cyclical patterns. You will want an annual update each year to forecast what may be coming and prepare for the road ahead.

Speaking of Which…No Skipping an Annual Update!

Because the energy changes over time, we must be on top of our Feng Shui adjustments. An annual update at the beginning of the Chinese New Year is always recommended. It is a key to your long-term success. I have personally witnessed people who have neglected their annual update and had to endure some unfortunate life events. Then, when I see that person again they usually say, “Okay, I got it. No more missing an annual update.” It just feels better to go with the flow.

Your Home Should Be a Reflection of You

In my house we have a ‘love it’ rule. Basically, if my husband and I don’t both love it, it doesn’t stay. (This rule applies to everything. Yes, Everything.) Your home does not need to look like a Chinese antique store to have good Feng Shui. The application of Feng Shui does not mean there are trinkets everywhere! Give your home some love…love the art on your walls. Love each piece of furniture and photos from your vacation on display. Love that cherished vase from your grandmother. You might not be able to get your child to clean up their messy room – but you should still love your home and feel supported in it.

“The positive force of love can create anything good, increase the good things, and change anything negative in your life.”— from The Power, by Rhonda Byrne

Listen to Your Inner Voice

There is something telling you to do Feng Shui. It may be an unexplainable feeling that is pushing you to action. Or you see an image in your mind of something you want…Perhaps there is a good reason. Maybe you need a fresh set of eyes to provide a new perspective. The space wants help; it wants to support you. Does that sound a little ‘woo-woo’? Well, everything is connected. We humans are all pure energy and everything around us emits an energetic field, too. It can be problematic when we listen too much to outside opinions. We start to think that we are doing it wrong. I have been through these periods myself. In hindsight, I appreciate that while it was a period of struggle, it also helped me go deeper into what worked for me. There is help on the way. Feng Shui is a fabulous catalyst for change and beautiful growth.

Hire a Feng Shui Professional Wisely

All of this being said….Ask the person’s background! You are inviting someone into your life. Don’t you want to know information about the professional? Who has the person trained with? For how long? What kind of Feng Shui ‘school’ are they aligned with? Is the professional ‘name-dropping’ to indicate that their training is meaningful and valid? Most importantly, do you positively resonate with this person? In my mind, an expert trains over time. It is simply not possible to become trained as a consultant after a weekend workshop or reading a few books. The knowledge base is too deep. Feng Shui goes back over 4000 years. Be cautious of anyone who says their way is best or there is only one way to apply Feng Shui; that there is only one authentic approach or method. I have seen results from a variety of different approaches to Feng Shui. Does it make sense there is only one way to get to where you want to go? This may sound a little scary…make sure the professional is working on your behalf and your highest good. Your Feng Shui journey can be fantastic when working with someone with a generous heart!

One of the most wonderful compliments you can pay to your Feng Shui consultant is to allow that person to be a place-holder in your life. Someone you call on for support and good counsel. And don’t keep that person to yourself – there is enough (enough prosperity in every area of our lives) to go around for all of us. So, make a referral to your friends and loved ones, too!