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Industry: Financial planning

Location: Dallas, TX

Rick Salmeron, owner and president of Salmeron Financial


“I’ve never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be doing anything like Feng Shui before. Yet, I’m really happy that this has become a part of my life this year, because of the effects that it’s had so far.”

When thinking outside the box isn’t enough, sometimes you have to rearrange it.

No one knows this better than Rick Salmeron, Certified Financial Planner and the President and owner of Salmeron Financial.




Rick knew two things for sure…

He needed to find a new way to acquire additional assets.

And – the business as usual approach wasn’t cutting it.


“…that’s the driver of my business in the end…to have several million dollars more assets under management. And at the pace I was going…I wasn’t quite happy with my normal mechanisms to make things happen. It wasn’t doing the trick.”


Rick also knows a thing or two about growth and never settling. After all, that’s what he provides his clients when they entrust their funds with him.

So when it came to the growth of his own business, he wasn’t about to settle where he was. Even if it meant accessing a different realm of thought.




“…I wanted to find something new and something different to inject some energy into my intention, and that was to create an ongoing, faster producing, successful business.”




Enter Jillian Rothschild-Scholar, owner of Feng Shui In Motion in Phoenix, AZ.


“…a trusted friend of mine introduced me to Jillian and said, ‘you should check this out, because Feng Shui can create what you’re looking for.”


Jillian began by setting up a Discovery Call with Rick. Asking important questions about his intentions, his goals, and his hang-ups.

With the information from the call, she created a comprehensive Four Pillars of Destiny chart that is as unique to Rick as his own thumbprint.


Rick then invited Jillian to his home, which also doubles as his workspace.

She then broke down the detailed chart into actionable bites so Rick could easily absorb and implement them into his life.

And within four hours she was able to provide practical solutions, tailored specifically for Rick, that provided a much-needed positive energy boost into his household, and more importantly, into the growth of his business.

Here are just a few of the helpful changes made by Jillian –


“…water is supposed to attract wealth. So we have three different water stills that are sitting in strategically placed corners of our house that Jillian directed us to do. We also have a candle burning in a strategically placed spot. And I moved from where I normally work, to a different room, because evidently the energy in my office during this time of the year is not one that’s conducive to creating wealth.”


By following Jillian’s guidance and implementing some necessary changes, Rick was met with some pleasant surprises.




Rick quickly noticed an increase in the flow of wealth and productivity.


“…not even a week after our meeting with Jillian I got this random email out of the blue from a client of mine who said she wanted to invest an additional hundred thousand dollars just like that…it just fell into my lap.”


It was as if the floodgates opened. And stayed open.


“…a lot of trickle things like that happened here and there…I can measure about one and a half million or so in additional assets under management that have come in since then.”


As a former skeptic, he was now beginning to really see the proof he once craved prior to starting.



Rick was able to unlock the winning potential of his business by exploring viable options outside the realm of what he thought possible. And in the process, it also gave him a new and rather exciting view on life.

“Normally, I’m an analytical person by nature, and this kind of stuff has never resonated with me before…but this experience has opened up my mind to other possibilities, that maybe there are solutions out there in the spiritual space. And I’m grateful for that.”





Rick loves to bring peace of mind to people’s lives by finding the right places for their money, so that their money is working for them.

By stepping out of his comfort zone, Rick allowed Jillian to find the right places to make his space work for him.

When asked if he would recommend Feng Shui to any nay-sayers that are doubtful of this highly respected, ancient practice, he says –


“…she knows what she’s doing. If there’s anyone that has never considered Feng Shui before, because like me, they needed to see some facts to back it up, then I would say be open-minded, and give it a try… ‘Give it a try’ is really too weak of a suggestion. I would say just do it!”


His small leap of faith paid off in dividends.


Take your leap into abundance and success!

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