Feng Shui and Your Office Cube

I have worked in ‘corporate America’ for years. When I was given a tour of my new corporate office, I could not believe people could get anything accomplished in a little cube, sitting right next to someone else in such close quarters. Once a co-worker came up behind me, saw that I was intently working and shook my chair hard to scare me! I jumped a mile out of my seat and loudly and girlishly shrieked his name to scold him, causing everyone around me to stop their task and look up. He laughed – I was embarrassed.

I cannot tell you how many times this new corporate organization moved my seat to accommodate rapid growth. With each seat move, I could tell that my productivity was impacted; sometimes for the better, sometimes not. I figured out pretty quickly that I was happier near a window, in the back corner, and much preferred having a wall behind me after that scare from the co-worker. This all happened before I was exposed to Feng Shui. Over the years and with the help of Feng Shui principles, I have perfected the energy of my cube and optimized my productivity. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Here are a few simple tips that you can do to enhance your workspace:

  • Wipe your desk off regularly to clean it. Keep some ‘green cleaner’ in your desk and disinfect your phone, cube walls/cubbie door/file cabinet and chair arms.
  • Make space. Purge your desk of ‘stuff’ that you don’t touch or look at daily. Otherwise, put it away.
  • Add a little aromatherapy. Spritz the air with your favorite essential oil spray such as lemon or orange to lift your spirits and freshen the space.
  • Put up your award and accomplishments. Create a smile file with ‘thank yous’ and refer to it to raise your energy when you are feeling frustrated.
  • Add a green plant. Bamboo is great for this because it does not necessarily need sunlight and can cleanse the air.
  • Visualize your goal. Put up a picture of a vacation spot you would like to go to, your dream car or your bucket list.
  • Move it! If you work on the telephone, consider getting a wireless headset so that you can move around and keep the energy from getting stagnant.

Feng Shui works to create harmony, balance, serenity and aims to assist you in having more of what you want in your life. That can include everything from your career, your relationships, your children. There is plenty of room for more positive experiences in these all areas of our lives. Many of us already bring in lots of good Feng Shui to our homes already aiming to make it a comfortable and positive living space. You can use it at your workplace, too!

When in doubt, a professional Feng Shui practitioner can look at a situation with a fresh perspective; a new pair of eyes. Sometimes you can invite a practitioner to your office. If you know that your office will not permit visitors, take some photos of the space with you for your consultation.

Either way I suggest you experiment. Pay close attention to the results. Feng Shui can be simple and it works!

Published:  International Feng Shui Guild, eZine, September 2012.