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Tapping Into the Annual Feng Shui Stars

Tapping Into the Annual Feng Shui Stars

What’s Happening in the Year of the Rabbit?

Every year, when it is time to check in and review the annual Feng Shui outlook, people tend to focus on the negative areas, known as the Feng Shui afflictions.  Did you know? Each year also comes with good stuff, known as the auspicious Noble Stars! So, let’s talk about those here.


What are Stars exactly?

Stars are unseen energies that behave in distinct ways based on their environment.

The extent to which these stars influence you depends on your home’s energy, your energy, and in which areas of the building you spend the most time for essential activities such as sleeping, working, relaxing, and entering/leaving (the doors you use most).

Duke Virtue and Duke Virtue Combo Stars
If you are worried about the annual afflictions (Grand Duke, Year Breaker, and Three Killings), you want to avoid triggering the harmful effects of these stars. If your home is sitting on a negatively afflicted sector (in 2023, West sitting homes fit this profile), you want to cushion the impact of the negative Qi. These stars are like a vitamin C boost to prevent a cold or a cough.
The difference is that Duke Virtue is a Yang star and helps with external matters, career, travel, and public networking. Duke Virtue Combo is a Yin star that helps with internal affairs, communication, home life, and your most intimate relationships.
In the Year of the Rabbit, the Duke Virtue star is in the Southwest 3 sector. At the same time, the Duke Virtue Combo is in the North 3 sector.

Sun Star
Even if you take proper preventive measures, a negative sector may get triggered at some point in the year. It can happen by mistake or by a neighbor’s actions, too. Not to worry, you can still mitigate the adverse effects of triggering one of the annual afflictions with this star.
In the Year of the Rabbit, the Sun Star is in the Southeast 1 sector.

Moon Star
Everyone can benefit from good communication, and this star helps. Suppose you are in sales, customer service, marketing, or public relations; in that case, this is the star for you. It resolves miscommunication issues and the inability to talk to the right person.
In the Year of the Rabbit, this star is in the South 2 sector.

Fortune Virtue Star
If you are dealing with a health issue or are concerned that something might be happening in the health aspect of your life, this star takes care of your general well-being and happiness. It is a star that brings happiness.
In the Year of the Rabbit, this star is in the North 2 sector.

How do I get the Stars working for me?
One way to activate the stars is by using the sector of your home the star is visiting. If your office, bedroom, or main living area is in one of these sectors, the star’s energy will kick in just by spending time there.

If not, consider how to use these areas throughout the year.

Remember that this is only one layer of how the energy interacts! How you benefit from it will also depend on your energy (your Life Star/Gua number, which you can find on your BaZi chart), the home’s natal energy, and the visiting Flying stars each year.

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