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Classic Feng Shui

Feng Shui Residential Consultation

Site Consultation and Recommendations Report

Your home is meant to support you, but parts of your life can be disrupted or undermined based on how the energies of your home are set. A residential consultation helps you create harmony & balance in your current or vacation home, making it easier to achieve what you most want, such as well-being, abundance, love, and happiness.

BaZi Readings

Personalized BaZi Chart with Consultation

Learn about the energies present during your birth and see how historical events can help you understand what might be coming in the future. Get clarity to help you navigate through the questions in your heart.
Four Pillars of Destiny:BaZi reading
Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation

Property Selection

Review of Properties and Recommendation, Email Support

Choose a home that will fully support you to live a prosperous and harmonious life. Avoid properties with negative features and select a property that is best able to support you with a Real Estate Consultation.

Selling Your Home

Initial Assessment, Site Consultation, Email Support

Use Feng Shui and offer a well-balanced, compatible space that appeals to potential buyers helping the property sell more quickly. Create a competitive advantage and overcome obstacles selling your property with a Real Estate Consultation.

Personal Calendars

Personalized 12- month Calendar with Highlighted Dates and Email Support

Determine what dates that are best for you to conduct specific activities and what dates to avoid. This calendar is based on Chinese Astrology and is personalized to you and your own individual energy pattern.

Online Events

Live in-person and online events

Chinese New Year Annual Talk: Gain insights surrounding the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit and some practical ways you can maximize your potential to boost your life this new year.

Home Study Courses

Online home study classes, workshops and courses

Learn key foundational concepts and systems used in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Divination and more in home study courses designed to let you go at your own pace.

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