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Year of the Rabbit: Chinese New Year Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Event

Year of the Rabbit: Chinese New Year Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Event

Year of the Rabbit Annual Event


here is a link to view the recording: https://youtu.be/1f6Jr28TPmc
In this workshop [recording], you will learn what makes this year so unique, identify the best Feng Shui energy positions, and how to use any favorable stars that support you next year based on your Chinese Astrology chart.
If you don’t have a BaZi chart already, you may want to retrieve a free copy of a basic chart at this link: https://fsinmotion.com/bazi-calculator/
before watching. Have the chart with you for the presentation along with a floor plan of your home, if you have one.
For those who have not purchased a Personalized Calendar, the coupon is valid until February 1, 2023. The Coupon code is: Rabbit23
That means instead of the $160 rate, the new rate is $149….and it makes an incredible gift!
You can order your calendar here: https://fsinmotion.com/personal-calendar/
And, here is the direct link to access the Chinese New Year Essential Guide for 2023 that is mentioned in the presentation. You can input your information and you’ll be directed to download it: https://fsinmotion.com/chinese-new-year-essential-guide/
Although this was a free event, a suggested minimum donation of $19 is appreciated.

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