Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Jillian Rothschild-ScholarWelcome! At Feng Shui In Motion, the aim is to Keep the Good Energy Flowing through applying the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui.

Feel free to explore (we promise – you cannot break anything) and see some basic information about Feng Shui, why it is used and when to use it. Be sure to pass these details along to a friend and share with people you love, too! The next step is to call and schedule your consultation.

You are likely to find many definitions trying to explain Feng Shui. The truth is Feng Shui is one of many different ‘arts’ under the umbrella of Chinese metaphysics, which are beautiful and intricate. Any definition you see including this one is simplified and truly does not fully explain the amazing wisdom within Feng Shui.

Feng Shui: the art and/or practice of working with our natural surroundings to create a harmonious environment that enhances our well-being allowing us to thrive.

The Feng or “wind” changes direction and Shui “water” ebbs and flows, the energies of our environment move as well. It all has motion; change is constant. Therefore Feng Shui is something that evolves over time and has many layers. A good consultant will tell you we need to make changes year in and year out in order to adjust for the new emerging energy. This concept of “going with the flow” is much less chaotic. In applying Feng Shui, we work to extract positive energy and minimize the force of negative energies in our environment. Feng Shui is a valuable tool to bring balance to our lives.

You are in your space, living in it, working in it, taking care of it along with yourself, and your family (including the four-legged members) too. Your consultation will include information about your own destiny chart and we will explore your personal strengths and areas for growth. Ultimately, with this information in hand, you are empowered to make informed choices for yourself.

This is fascinating and exciting…Let’s explore together!