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Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist

Need help knowing what to look for in a good Feng Shui house?

Need help knowing what to look for in a good Feng Shui house?

A Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist will come in handy as you narrow your new home search. This checklist helps you avoid significant Feng Shui issues, which are complex and costly to fix.

Use this checklist to mark off items as you make important decisions about possible home choices.

People aren’t perfect. And in the same vein, you won’t find a perfect Feng Shui home. However, this checklist will guide you toward an auspicious home that supports you. When your home has harmony & balance, it is easier to achieve what you most want, such as well-being, abundance, love, and happiness.

When we do a Feng Shui analysis of a home, some of the most critical areas to look at are (1) the front door, (2) the bedroom, and (3) the kitchen.

Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist

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Here are some brief notes on some of the critical areas to assess when house hunting:

House Facing Direction

You can find the facing direction of a house before purchasing by using a simple compass app on your mobile device. Ideally, a home’s facing direction should be one of the four auspicious directions of the family’s primary breadwinner. To know the four auspicious directions for a person, use this free BaZi Calculator. Enter the person’s date of birth and look for the Lucky Directions section.

Life Gua Number Determines East or West Group

You can determine your four auspicious directions using the free BaZi Calculator to identify your Life Star Gua number. Enter the person’s date of birth and look for the 8 Mansions section. You will then find which group you belong to, either the East Life Group or the West Life Group, which determines your best directions. Are you in an opposite group from your spouse or partner? No worries! There are instances when a home may be oriented to benefit a couple in opposing groups. And there are other Feng Shui methods to support each person inside the house, too.

Inauspicious Roads and Bad Street Locations

Negative features such as Sha Qi, sometimes called Poison Arrows, created by streets or surrounding buildings and natural land formations require more comprehensive solutions. Poison Arrows can be caused by many things that direct negative energy toward your home. They are most problematic when coming to the front, most used, or back door. It is not possible to remedy all exterior issues. When you observe a significant Feng Shui issue, it is best to avoid them by selecting a different house in your house hunting process.

Sha Qi Surrounding a Property

A cemetery, landfill, hospital, or prison energy is quite harmful. A home near or across from these is considered an inauspicious location. For example, a cemetery or church has an energy that is too Yin for people living in a house. It causes various health issues, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical, as well as financial loss. Again, it is best to avoid it altogether.

Land and House

The land formation of the property is vital to the type of Qi that the house attracts. Look for a property anchored near a beautiful mountain or hill, if there is one in your area. Consider selecting a property at least a few miles from major highways. The backyard should have a slope or grade that goes towards the house, not away from it. The land should be higher (not too much) in the backyard than in the front yard. When standing at the front facing out, the ground should be higher on your left side and a little lower on the right side. When the land surrounds the house this way, it is highly favorable and called an armchair formation

Ming Tang, Foyer or Front Entrance

The entrance to your home is where the Qi energy enters and transitions to your home. Stand in the open doorway and ask yourself what you can see. Can you see a natural transition from the outside to the inside? If so, this is very encouraging. The Qi will enter the home and help the occupants shift from the outside to the interior Qi; that’s the function of the Ming Tang.
Home Buying Checklist

Pools and Water Features

Water is a vital aspect of Feng Shui. A well-placed body of water can be a wealth generator. Feng Shui has rules about the acceptable placement of water – substantial quantities of water, such as a pool. A properly placed water feature (fountain, pond, or hot tub) can be a welcome addition to your home’s Feng Shui! If the water is located in the Northwest, West, Northeast, or South sectors of the property, pass on it. These locations are violations of the proper placement of water through 2023.

Kitchen Placement

The kitchen has a vital role in residential Feng Shui. A well-placed kitchen is essential to family health. You should avoid purchasing a home with a kitchen in the center of the house. As a second consideration, avoid a house with a kitchen or stove in the Northwest sector. Ideally, the kitchen’s location should be in an inauspicious area of the home based on the facing/sitting (that’s not a typo, it’s a powerful wealth formula). Pass on a house with the kitchen in the center of the house. PRO TIP: Avoid a home with a stove, oven, or sink on a kitchen island. Learn more HERE.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Bathrooms

Feng shui has set rules about the ideal placement for a bathroom location. Moving a bathroom in the wrong area can be expensive and usually not ‘doable’ for most homeowners. You’re better off ensuring that a bathroom is in one of the negative sectors of the house based on the facing/sitting direction. Why? Because you want your most important rooms to be well-placed in auspicious areas, not the bathroom. Pass on a house with a bathroom in the center of the house.

Feng Shui and Staircases

Things about staircases can help you decide if the stairs are helpful to occupants. However, chances are you’ll find more inauspicious things you cannot easily fix. If the house has more than one story, pay close attention to the staircase location. You don’t want stairs to be directly across from the front door. A staircase in the center of the house is very harmful and should be avoided. It causes relationship and health issues. If you can see that the stairs are in one of those locations, pass on that property.

Living Room and Dining Room

The living room and dining room are essential to family harmony. The activities in a living room generate Yang energy – kids playing, people watching tv, etc. The dining room is where the family gathers for meals, sharing their daily highs & lows and eating nourishing food. Good Feng Shui says that these should be located in one of the auspicious sectors of the house based on the facing/sitting direction.

Using a Feng Shui Home Buying Checklist

You can use this Feng Shui home buying checklist to assist you in choosing the best possible house. Keep in mind that no place is entirely flawless. You will likely need to apply a few Feng Shui adjustments. However, a checklist can keep you from making bad choices in the essential features of a new home.

If you want more information about how the Eight Mansions system works, you can access the free toolkit HERE.

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