BaZi Calculator

This page has a Free BaZi calculator. Go beyond a basic Chinese astrology horoscope and get your free Chinese Zodiac chart below.

You can use it to calculate your personal Four Pillars of Destiny birth chart. This impersonal calculator does not analyze or ‘read’ your birth chart. You see the Chinese Zodiac animals for each part of your chart. To get your chart, you just have to give your date of birth and the calculator will produce your chart. This Free BaZi Calculator Chart is based on the Hsia Calendar, which is the Chinese solar calendar. It is free to use and we do not collect any data from the use of this calculator.

Have a problem in life that you want answers to? With this chart and a proper analysis, you can find out why the problem is happening and what to do by getting a BaZi reading and analysis.

There are two components in BaZi:
1. Ming 命 (Self)
2. Yun 运   (Experiences)

Your BaZi chart tells us about your personality, how you perceive the world and relationships with others. Your BaZi is only one part of your Ming 命. Your luck or opportunities improve when you begin to consciously take action in your life by choosing better experiences, which can bring you better luck. By understanding yourself (Ming 命) and what experiences you would likely encounter (Yun 运), you will be able to more confidently:

• Understand luck cycles and ride the ‘good wave’ when it comes
• Embark on your life’s journey and gain better ‘experiences’ along the way
• Become a person of greater influence thru understanding yourself better

The BaZi reading and analysis involves the interpretation of the various interactions between the Five Elements, animal signs, stars, the structure of the chart, personality profile, overall destiny, and luck pillars. And most importantly, you will know the right actions to take for success. Used as a life improvement tool – it can bring a great positive impact on your life!

For a complete analysis of your chart, you may request your Four Pillars of Destiny Reading by clicking here.

BaZi decodes your fate and illuminates options. This allows you to make your own intelligent choices. You can design your destiny.

Do it now to begin living your life with clarity, confidence, and empowerment!