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One Kick is All It Takes in Feng Shui

One Kick


The other day I woke up to an email from a client.  I live for these kinds of messages because it is the moment when someone can feel the shift for themselves.


This client moved into a rental home with her husband.  They had just moved from the East coast back to Arizona.  The housing market was so hot at the time that they rented it sight unseen. 


During our Discovery Session, she told me she was an artist and didn’t feel quite right in the house after she moved in.  There was one area of the place designated as her studio.  She didn’t like it there, and it had become a dumping ground for boxes in the house. 

Moving boxes all over the place!

She wasn’t getting her studio set up.  For an artist, that’s quite a rough spot to be in. Very uncomfortable and can be depressing, too.  She wasn’t interested in using the room, and the things she usually enjoyed, such as painting and textile arts, eluded her.  She explained that she was under the care of an acupuncturist and that the practitioner recommended a Feng Shui consultation.  


Let me sidestep for a second and give kudos to that practitioner.  In ancient times, Chinese medicine was more of a holistic practice than we experience here in the West.  It was common for the medical professional to also come to your home and assess if the house contributed to your illness.  Now, most traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners are siloed.  They may be interested in one or two other modalities but are not as adept at putting them together. 


In this case, the acupuncturist gave an excellent recommendation because it was clear to me, upon visiting the property, the root cause of this home’s issue.  The client could feel it but couldn’t name what was happening and how to fix it. 


Diagnosing and knowing which remedy to use for that situation was manageable.  While there, I made a particular recommendation for a resolution. 


After getting the resolution components to the client and providing instructions on what to do, the email I woke up to was this:

Good morning,

In less than 24 hours after installing the remedy you suggested, I had purchased a new canvas and was painting in that room.  I woke up and felt like it was time. 

Thank you!


In my practice, I call this a kick.  A kick is a catalyst or opening point that makes everything else smoother.  It opens the pathways for energy to flow.  One kick is all it takes to get powerful energy to move openly and smoothly.  In this case, the client could really feel it. 


Acupuncturists talk about energy in this way.  The needles trigger opening points in the body allowing for free energy flow in the body’s meridians.  I often say that Feng Shui is like acupuncture for the house.


Something similar happened to me last week.  The pocket door in our house got stuck.  I watched some videos to see if it would be a simple DIY.  Could I fix it myself?  Nope, I could see that it would be a more extensive repair job than I thought to get the door back on track. 


I called my handyman to come out to fix it.  He walked into the house and saw the door askew.  He said, “Let’s see how stuck it really is.” He kicked the door with his work boots on, and it popped back in.  Next, he pulled the door to ensure it rolled back and forth on the track effortlessly.  I watched in amazement.  Literally, he was in my house for less than 5 minutes.  He said, “There.  All fixed.” I stood, mouth agape.  Then, I said, “Don’t tell me all you did was kick the door.” He laughed, “Heh, heh.  Ok.  I won’t tell you.  But, yeah, you just have to know where to kick it and how much to kick it in.” 


Feng Shui can be like that sometimes.  I once heard an acupuncturist say, “Why use ten needles if you can get it done with three?” That resonates with me because Feng Shui doesn’t have to be about putting all kinds of knick-knacks, trinkets, or oriental-looking objects in your home.  I don’t use crystals, Bagua mirrors, or red envelope cures in my practice.


In this client’s case, we got to the root of the issue and got that fixed first.  We opened the energy channel, and now the rest of the work we do together to help her energetic alignment will be smoother. 


Feng Shui doesn’t have to be complicated.  There are a lot of formulas, techniques, and methods.  Trying to figure them out can be overwhelming, especially when you are struggling with something.

  1. Know when you need to ask for help.  It may not be a simple DIY.  Bringing in a professional can get you to resolution faster.
  2. Heed the good intentions and support of people you respect.  If your health practitioner is suggesting another resource, listen and take note.  It could be just the thing needed to bring you back to your wellness.
  3. It’s seldom one thing that needs to be addressed.  But there usually is a crucial aspect, like a tipping point, that needs to be resolved first.  Once that is done, things come together more efficiently


Getting a kick can be a tremendous relief.  Suddenly, things feel doable, smoother, and more connected.  In this client’s case, she felt more herself and could get back to her artistic expression, which was central to her life.


If you notice that you aren’t engaging with the things in your life that bring you joy, it may be time to ask for some help.  A swift kick can be what you need to get back on track in your life. 


Want some help?  Message me to schedule a consultation.

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