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I get calls from prospective clients who want their initial Feng Shui Assessment done ASAP. They tell me that things have been going wrong for a long time. They feel like they are at the end of their rope and the analysis cannot happen soon enough. Usually, it is because they had not previously considered the relationship between Feng Shui and what is going wrong. Now that they are open to getting a fresh perspective. They want to know how to change it now. I completely understand because I have been there myself!

The truth is that there are very few instances where it is a genuine crisis. I am often asked, “How long until I see results?” or “How much longer until things change?”

Any practitioner working with integrity would not over-promise that results come instantaneously. A client can ask the question lots of different ways, but the answer is still the same. Why? There are too many factors involved besides just the Feng Shui in your immediate environment.

I love Feng Shui and have the utmost confidence in the time-tested methods and techniques we use in Classical Feng Shui. That being said, we cannot guarantee results 100% of the time because of the vast number of variables outside of our control. The client is integral in influencing the outcome.

Let’s take a broader perspective for one moment. We live in a world-wide economy. Many industries and businesses are collaborating with entities that are affected by global forces. While we can make improvements on someone’s life, if the larger force has more momentum, then the minor adjustments made to a single individual’s home may not work as powerfully. Consider for one moment the year 2008 – Bank bailouts, companies folding, real estate market turning over, and a catastrophic downturn of the U.S. economy. There is a reason that so many people had challenges. It is simply that the negative momentum was too great.

Think about it this way: If you have broken a bone, there may have been a Feng Shui component (which means the Feng Shui environment may have not been completely clear in supporting good health) that made you more vulnerable to a break. Once the bone is broken, it is really too late to theorize about preventative Feng Shui. The bone just needs to be healed.  Then, we can look at the Feng Shui environment with a fresh perspective on how to avoid such an occurrence from repeating. Makes sense, right?

In general, bad situations are often due to a perfect storm of Feng Shui flaws. It is rarely one imperfect component to a building, house, or neighborhood that triggers a massive issue. Usually, it is the momentum of things being so unbalanced over a period of time. Then the situation shows itself as a chronic issue, accident, or catastrophic event.

I have observed client scenarios when the Feng Shui is bad. Together, we make some significant changes to get the client more energetic support and they see positive results in a short period of time. To the client, it seems unbelievable. I call it a ‘kick’- a little like jumpstarting an engine.

There are a wide variety of types of adjustments and ‘cures’ that can be implemented. That could be adding a correctly placed water feature or adjusting a person’s sleeping position or changing a home office to a different room. When the Qi flow is a problem, and an appropriate redirecting of the energy is implemented, a person can shift the energy immediately. More likely, it takes a bit of time. The remedy is related to the ailment. Think about how long it took you to get into this situation. You need to be steadfast in your commitment to turning the situation around and adhering to the recommendations in full in order to experience a true transformation. One thing I can say for certain – with every difficulty there is relief.

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