Earth Day 2020

Did you know that Earth Day 2020 is Wednesday, April 22?

While every day is a good day to be kind to our planet, this day is set aside for us to show our gratitude for the Earth and get into new habits, if needed.

There are, to a certain degree, some parallels that can be drawn between the current COVID-19 pandemic and some of the other contemporary, environmental crises our world is facing. In this sense, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic may lead to a deeper understanding of the ties that bind us all on a global scale and could help us get to grips with what are considered to be the top ten environmental challenges on this planet. Here is a list of the current top environmental issues you’ll hear about and you may be concerned:

10. Climate Change
9. Ecosystems & Endangered Species
8. Deforestation
7. Pollution
6. Water Scarcity & Water Pollution
5. Loss of Biodiversity
4. Overpopulation
3. Waste Disposal
2. Land Management & Urban Sprawl
1. Public Health

Right now, we are seeing the devastating consequences of under-prepared health systems. The global health crisis we find ourselves in has forced us to dramatically change our behavior in order which is needed to protect ourselves and those around us, to a degree most of us have never experienced before.

The World Health Organization suggests that this temporary shift of gears could lead to a long-term shift. This could result in an equally dramatic and sustained shift in behavior that will be needed to prevent any additional, irreversible damage.

According to, “One silver lining of all these restrictions is that carbon emissions from fossil fuels could fall by 2.5 billion metric tons this year — the largest drop on record. Energy use has also declined, and since December, the U.S. is down 5 percent, with an increase in the use of wind and solar.”

What are some simple things can I do now?

  • Tune into Earth Day Live
    There are free virtual events available to help celebrate Earth Day 2020. Together we can flood the world with messages of hope, optimism, and, above all, action. Use this link to find the live events:
  • Unplug Appliances When Not in Use
    Instead of leaving small appliances such as your coffee maker, juicer, toaster or even your lamps plugged in indefinitely, make the small effort to unplug these when you are not using them. It will feel good to know you are not wasting energy.
  • Fix Your Leaky Faucet
    Leaky faucets are considered to be bad Feng Shui because this is seen as money loss.  Those tiny drops of water add up big time when it comes to your water bill. Tighten up a drippy faucet to cut down on the water you are consuming.
  • Plant Something
    Begin to plant some fruits and veggies; even if it is only a small herb garden on your window sill. It will benefit your health and reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions by not have to transport food to and from the stores.
  • Spend a Little Time Outside
    If you have a backyard or nearby green space, spend some time outdoors reading, having lunch or just taking deep breaths of fresh air. If you are in a major city and outdoor spaces are crowded (or there are restrictions), try going for a walk during a low-peak hour of the day when the streets are quieter. It could be a quick 15 minutes around the block. Just make it a point to spend some time outside and show your love and appreciation to the amazing place we call home on this Earth.

A little goes a long way when it comes to being greener!

We will eventually overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully then we can hold onto a sense of shared humanity and we can rebuild our social and economic systems to make them better, more resilient, and compassionate.

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